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6 Steps To Choosing The Right Michigan Criminal Defense Attorney (Part 1)

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Not sure how to pick the right defense attorney for your case? Here are a few tips…

Finding the right criminal attorney to meet your specific needs can be very daunting. The internet is overflowing with recommendations, and every defense attorney has a website telling you that they’re the only one equipped to solve your problems. But do you really know what you need? And can you tell what type of law firm is right for you? It can be overwhelming, for sure. So lets take a look at your situation……

Have you been arrested in Michigan?

If you’ve been arrested and charged with a crime, then you’re going to need an attorney. And quickly! Whether it’s Drunk Driving, Drug Crimes, Manslaughter, Assault or Sex Crimes, you are looking at hefty fines and the possibility of some very serious prison time! This is where an aggressive attorney comes in. Specifically, a criminal defense attorney. But the web is exploding with options and it’s so overwhelming!  How do you choose the right one…?

Attorneys usually specialize in different types of law.

You wouldn’t go to a divorce attorney to handle your real estate, or a bankruptcy attorney to deal with your drunk driving charge. Why? Because that’s not what they specialize in, so they won’t have the experience or expertise necessary to construct a strong defense for your case. Choosing an attorney with no experience in handling the criminal charges you’re facing could mean a less-than-ideal defense.

For example, at The Kronzek Firm we have a number of attorneys on staff. While all of them are highly capable and very experienced, several of them specialize in particular areas of law, like sex crime defense, CPS defense, drunk driving and even family law. This is how we’re able to meet every client’s needs by working together as a team, allowing those with more experience in certain areas to lead and guide a defense, which ensures the best possible outcome.

Are you being charged by the state, or the feds?

If the law you’re accused of breaking was a state law, you’ll need an attorney who can legally practice law in the state of Michigan. However, if you’ve been accused of a federal crime, you’ll need an attorney who can defend you in federal court. This makes a difference, because not all criminal lawyers in Michigan practice in federal court.

This can seem very confusing, and we understand that. The thing to remember is that when you’re charged with a federal crime, you’re being prosecuted by the United States Attorney’s office. This is different to charges brought on a state level by the prosecuting attorney of a local county.

The reason this matters is because when facing federal charges, you’ll be prosecuted by a U. S. Attorney. The United States Attorney’s Office has far more time and resources at hand which means the case may be more complex and more time consuming. So be sure to select an experienced attorney with a high success rate handling federal defenses. Practicing criminal defense in federal courts is very different to practicing in state courts.

Join us next time, where we’ll wrap up our guide on how to find the right Michigan criminal defense attorney for you. Until then, if you need a skilled and experienced criminal defense law firm that can handle cases in both federal and state courts, no matter what crime you’re accused of, then you need The Kronzek Firm. Call us today at 866-766-5245. An attorney is standing by to take your call 24 hours a day, seven days a week, even during the holidays.

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