20 Crazy Laws on The Books in Michigan! (Pt 2)

Better not serenade your girlfriend in Kalamazoo, or paint a sparrow to look like a parakeet in Harper Woods, or it could mean fines and jail time for you! Crazy, huh?

Hey there! Welcome back. We’ve been having a good chuckle about the crazy laws still on the books in Michigan (and there are quite a few!). If you’re just stumbling onto this now, we recommend you spend a few minutes and get all caught up on some of the hilarious (or just plain odd) laws that affect the entire state. We’ll wait…

Oh good, you’re back. Well, we’ve been scouring the books to come up with the wackiest collection of laws and ordinances from around the Great Lakes state, and we’d love to share a few strange ones with you. Today’s installment on the collection isn’t state-wide though, so they only affect certain cities (assuming anyone would ever bother enforcing them there). Enjoy!


  • Putt-putt golf courses have to be closed by 1:00 AM if they operate in the city of Detroit.
  • Security guards at Joe Louis Arena are allowed to confiscate any item they feel might be thrown onto the ice (yes, even your cell phone!).
  • Couples are banned from making love in a car unless they get it on while the vehicle is parked on their own property.
  • Willfully destroying your old radio is prohibited in Motor City, USA.
  • It is illegal for a man to scowl at his wife on Sunday. (We’re pretty sure most men have broken this law at some point or other, wherever they live in Michigan!)
  • It is illegal to let your pig run free in Detroit unless it has a ring in its nose. (But since most Detroit folks don’t own pigs, it shouldn’t be a problem.)

Grand Haven:

  • No one in Grand Haven is allowed to throw an abandoned hoop skirt into the street, or onto any sidewalk. Anyone caught tossing out their old hoop skirts on the road will face a $5 fine.


  • In Rochester, the law requires that all bathing suits must be inspected by the head of police. (As if the cops in Rochester don’t have more important things to do!)

Harper Woods:

  • It’s against the law in Harper Woods to paint sparrows up to look like parakeets and sell them under false pretences. (Not to mention what the animal rights activists would do to you if you ever got caught!)


  • It’s illegal in Kalamazoo to serenade your girlfriend. (So you were suddenly possessed by a romantic spirit, pick a quieter option and go with a bouquet of flowers.)


  • In Wayland, you’re allowed to keep your cow downtown on Main Street, as long as you’re willing to pay the 3 pennies per day required by law.

Michigan’s laws can be complicated and a bit strange.

Whether you’ve lived in the Great Lakes State your entire life, or moved here recently, our laws can sometimes be a little confusing. So whether you live in Lansing, Brighton, Jackson, or Howell, we understand what you’re dealing with, and we can help. Our experienced criminal defense attorneys have been helping people all over Michigan’s lower peninsula for decades, and we can help you too. Call 866 766 5245 today, and make sure you’re properly represented.

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