20 Crazy Laws on The Books in Michigan! (Pt 1)

Did you know… in Michigan women aren’t supposed to get haircuts without their husband’s permission first!? Crazy, huh?

If you read the news, then you probably heard about the cussing law that the Michigan legislature repealed in 2015. It said you couldn’t swear in front of women and children or you could end up in jail. That was the same year then-Governor Snyder signed off on the bill package that did away with a whole host of outdated laws cluttering up Michigan’s books.

Some of those included laws about not hosting walkathons, not embellishing the national anthem, and talking trash during a duel. But the road to Rome wasn’t built in a day. Updating the law is an ongoing process, and just because Michigan recently cleaned up it’s laws, doesn’t mean there still aren’t a bunch of strange and crazy ones just waiting to be looked over and laughed at. Let’s take a peek…

Weird laws affecting all of Michigan:

  • It’s illegal for anyone to be drunk on a train. (It seems like a weirdly specific law, but the truth is that being drunk in public can get you into trouble in Michigan, whether or not you’re on a train. Drunk driving, for example, is a very serious charge!)
  • It’s against the law to kill a dog using a decompression chamber (although technically there are lots of ways you shouldn’t use to kill dogs, or any other animals for that matter. Not sure what we mean? Check out more info on Michigan’s animal cruelty laws.)
  • Women may not cut their hair without first getting their husband’s permission. (This law hasn’t been enforced in decades and it isn’t ever likely to be, thank goodness!)
  • Cars may not be sold on Sundays! (If you do a little shopping around for a car in Michigan, you’ll notice that most car dealerships are closed on Sundays. That’s because technically it’s illegal to sell a car on Sunday. This law is called a Blue Law. However if you choose to sell your own car privately, through Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist, no one is going to call the cops.)
  • A man is forbidden from seducing or corrupting a young unmarried girl. (This law stems from the day when “young unmarried girl” and “virgin” meant the same thing, and virginity was prized almost above other traits in women – from a marriage standpoint, that is. Thankfully those days are over, and women are no longer held to a different standard than men when it comes to their love lives!)
  • A robber is forbidden from suing you if they happen to get hurt while in your home. (This is probably a good law to keep on the books. After all, it would be awful to have someone break into your home, try to steal a bunch of your belongings, and then sue you when they slip and fall and break a leg on their way out the back door!)

Weird old laws can sometimes lead to criminal charges:

However, if you think those rules are weird, you should spend a few minutes Googling weird laws in other states. Did you know you’re not allowed to make glue out of dead skunks in Oklahoma? Or catch a fish with your mouth in Pennsylvania? Seriously! Oh, and don’t let anyone in Arkansas sound the horn on a vehicle anywhere near where cold drinks or sandwiches are served after 9pm. Because…? Pretty crazy!

You’d be amazed how often break the law without realizing it, whether it’s because the law itself is outdated and rarely enforced, or simply because they didn’t realize what they were doing was illegal. Either way, whatever the reason, if you need help from a skilled criminal defense lawyer who is highly experienced in Michigan’s criminal defense laws (even the weird ones!) and can help you ensure that your rights are protected, call The Kronzek Firm at 866 766 5245. We’re here 24/7 to help.

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