Branch County Criminal Lawyers

Expert Coldwater, MI Criminal Attorney

Facing the court system in Coldwater, Michigan can an ominous challenge for clients being prosecuted for felony crimes.  All Branch County criminal charges are a serious and potentially life changing.  If you’ve been charged with drug possession, a criminal sexual conduct,  drunk driving, fraud, theft, or any other major criminal charge, the expert attorneys at Kronzek & Cronkright will take your case as serious as you do.  No matter how bad your situation might seem, the Kronzek & Cronkright team can help.  We have spent decades helping people avoid jail, avoid prison and win cases.

Branch County Criminal Lawyers

Are you looking for lawyers you can trust?  Kronzek & Cronkright, PLLC is an experienced and trusted firm of criminal defense lawyers who are passionate about fighting for defendants’ rights in Coldwater and throughout Michigan. We have defended our clients in courtrooms throughout Michigan’s lower peninsula.

A good criminal defense team begins with you.  We believe in working closely with our clients when they are arrested or are under investigation.  We will forge an alliance with you that requires us to roll up our sleeves and work together.  Our knowledge of the law and courtroom skill only helps when we have a client who is an active member of the team.  We make certain commitments to our clients that will be important to you:

  • We will work hard to make sure you understand the law and the court system that you are up against.
  • We will treat you with respect.
  • We will work hard to understand the facts of your case.
  • We will listen to your ideas.
  • We will maintain excellent communication with you.
  • We will consider every option in your case and discuss each of them with you.  Ultimately, we will respect your decision about whether to go to trial.
  • We will be prepared.
  • We will be on time for court.
  • We will defend your constitutional rights.

Our Branch County criminal defense lawyers will give your case the time and attention required to get you the best possible result. We’ll work with you and your loved ones to gather evidence, making sure we leave no stone unturned. You owe it to yourself to  contact us or call our offices at 1-866-7NOJAIL.  Free consultations available.


Criminal Cases within Branch County Courts:


A Few of Our Proven Results:

  • Delivery of Marijuana – Evidence Suppressed, Case Dismissed, Branch County
  • Drunk Driving – Evidence Suppressed; Case Dismissed, Branch County
  • OUIL (2nd offense) – Evidence Suppressed; Case Dismissed, Branch County
  • Criminal Sexual Conduct 1st degree – Not Guilty
  • Criminal Sexual Conduct 2nd degree – Acquitted by Jury
  • Criminal Sexual Conduct 3rd degree – Not Guilty
  • Extortion – Not guilty

Want to see more?  We have obtained many, many excellent results for our Michigan Clients.


If you have a pending case in Branch County, don’t leave your fate to chance. The Kronzek & Cronkright team can help! Contact us today at 1-866-7NOJAIL

Branch County
Court / Division Address / Number Judges
15th Circuit Court

Branch County Courthouse

31 Division St.

Coldwater, MI 49036 (517) 279-4304

Honorable P. William O’Grady, Chief Judge
3A District Court
Branch County Courthouse
31 Division St.
Coldwater, MI 49036
(517) 279-4308
Honorable P. William O’Grady, Chief Judge

Honorable Brent R. Weigle

Branch County Probate  Court

Branch County Courthouse

31 Division St.
Coldwater, MI 49036 (517) 279-4318
Honorable P. William O’Grady, Chief Judge

Honorable Kirk A. Kashian

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