Will I go to Jail For Making Threats at a Michigan School?

You can hardly turn on the news these days without hearing about a student somewhere who brought a gun to school and made threats against others, or worse – used that gun to shoot and kill other students. School shootings are a major issue these days, and not just here in Michigan. States all over the US are trying to find ways to address this growing issue.

So to answer your question about going to jail if you make threats of violence at school, the answer is yes – you’re very likely to end up behind bars. But it probably won’t be jail, because Making Terroristic Threats is a felony. And here in Michigan that means prison time, which is way more serious than spending a few months in jail!

What happens if I threaten to bring a weapon to school?

For some kids who make comments or social media posts about bringing a gun to school, or wanting to kill other students on campus, it’s not meant as a real threat. They’re angry, and perhaps involved in an ongoing dispute with other students that they don’t know how to solve. Or they’ve been bullied and don’t know how to address the conflict. So they make violent threats which are meant to convey their frustration and perhaps frighten off the other students who are threatening them. 

However, the fact is, it doesn’t matter if you mean it or not. Making a threat of violence against another person, or even a non-specific threat against students at your school in general is a very serious crime under Michigan law. Even if you never bring a gun to school, and had absolutely no plans to follow through on the threat, you can still be prosecuted for making terroristic threats! And that means prison time and a criminal record that can mess up your entire future.

What happens if I bring a weapon to school but don’t plan to hurt anyone?

Police and prosecutors have no way of knowing what you intended to do. All they can do, when trying to prevent or solve a crime, is to look at all of the known facts and extrapolate from there. This means, they look at what they know, and come up with the most likely theory. So if you make a threat against your school, and then the next day you show up with a loaded gun, they will assume you intended to carry out what you threatened to do.

This is a pretty good example of “actions speak louder than words”. The cops are going to look at what you threatened to do, and the fact that you went to the trouble to bring a weapon to school, and assume that the next logical step is to shoot people at school. So our best advice to school kids is this: don’t EVER make threats against people at your school, or against the school itself (even if you don’t mean them!) And don’t EVER bring a weapon to school (even if you have no intention of using it!) Aside from being in big trouble with the law, you might get yourself of somebody else shot by a police officer trying to do their best to protect others. 

Making terroristic threats is a serious crime in Michigan!

Being charged for making terroristic threats in Michigan is serious stuff, and you’re looking at years in prison if you get convicted! Which is why you’re going to need help from an aggressive and understanding criminal defense attorney. Don’t let a stupid mistake, or one angry and thoughtless comment derail your entire future. Call 866 766 5245 immediately and let The Kronzek Firm help you navigate this difficult situation. We’re available 24/7, and have extensive experience helping teens and minors accused of crimes in Michigan.

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