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Wayne County Involuntary Manslaughter

Involuntary Manslaughter Charge for Wife’s Death

Robert G. Shelton, a 67-year-old resident of Carleton, was arrested by Michigan State Police recently for allegedly neglecting his wife to the point that it cost her life. She passed away in June of 2015 and, according to the Prosecutor, although Shelton didn’t do anything to harm her – it’s what he didn’t do that caused the problem, not what he did do.

On June 6th, Shelton’s 61-year-old wife was admitted to the emergency room of ProMedica Monroe Regional Hospital. She was unconscious, and had a large abscess on her stomach, along with other skin damage that was determined to have been caused by extreme neglect. According to medical staff, the abscess was very swollen, and was filled with live maggots.

The woman, who was 550 Lbs and suffered from diabetes, was found on a mattress in their shared mobile home, that MSP detectives said was soaked with urine and excrement. She was apparently unable to go to the bathroom by herself, and was not being adequately cared for, or cleaned up after.

According to Shelton, he had been his wife’s caregiver for the last five years, but had not been able to provide proper care for her. The Wayne County Medical Examiner conducted the autopsy, and determined that the cause of death was gross neglect, which means that the manner of death was ruled as homicide.

The Monroe County Prosecutor’s Office has since reviewed the case and issued an arrest warrant. Shelton was arrested by police at his mobile home in Carleton, and has been charged with a single count of involuntary manslaughter.

Under Michigan law, involuntary manslaughter refers to when a person is accidentally killed due to someone else’s criminal negligence, or when someone is killed during another crime where the intent was not to cause death. It is a felony punishable by up to 15 years in prison, and fines of up to $7500.

Shelton was granted a bail of $25,000, which he has not posted. He is currently still in custody in the Monroe County Jail. There is no information on when his next court date is scheduled.


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