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Watch Out! You May be Breaking The Law Without Even Realizing it! (Pt 1)

Have you ever discovered that you actually did something illegal, but had no idea at the time that it was against the law? Well, good news – you’re not alone. People do it every day. And with Michigan’s regulation-heavy criminal laws, this becomes more likely all the time. However ignorance of our state law isn’t a valid excuse for breaking it. “I’m sorry officer, I had no idea that was illegal!” just doesn’t hold water. So what can you do to make sure you’re not violating some obscure Michigan law you didn’t even know existed? Well, you can start by reading this article…

(Trash) talk is cheap, except when it costs you your future!

When people think of terrorism here in Michigan, they tend to think of something that originates in other countries, usually as a result of religious or political differences. However, that’s actually a very narrow perspective of what terrorism really is. Stop and think about the word “terrorism.” By definition, it means the use of fear and acts of violence to intimidate individuals, societies or governments. Notice the mention of “fear” – well, as you can imagine, making threats that frighten people can be considered terrorism.

So if a high school student calls their school and reports a bomb, even if there isn’t a bomb and no one gets hurt, it still counts as terrorism. Writing a threat on the wall of a university campus bathroom, threatening to show up with a gun and kill people is terrorism in the eyes of Michigan law. So while you may think it’s a prank, or an act of vengeance on people you don’t like, the cops will view it very differently, and you could be charged with a serious felony!

Sharing naughty pics could earn you a three hots and a cot

We live in the age dominated by smartphones and social media. Most teens these days carry around a phone with more power than the computers used to put man on the moon. And sometimes all that power, right at your fingertips, coupled with immaturity and very little understanding of long term consequences, can have disastrous results.

While sending texts of a sexual nature, dubbed “sexting”, isn’t illegal, a message containing a naked or sexually explicit picture of a person under the age of 16, is very much against the law. In fact, the simple act of forwarding someone a sexually explicit picture of a minor (even if that someone is a classmate who took the picture themselves) is a very serious crime. It’s called Distribution of Child Sexually Abuse Material (also known as child porn or CSAM), and Michigan prosecutors take child porn charges extremely seriously!

Don’t make the mistake of thinking ignorance will save you!

If you or a loved one have been accused of doing something illegal that you had no idea was a violation of the criminal law in Michigan, hit us immediately. The aggressive criminal defense attorneys at the Kronzek Firm have made it a point to stay up to date on every change in the law in Michigan. We’re known for taking on harder cases that other defense attorneys are reluctant to handle, so if you’re faced with a complex legal challenge, or are accused of breaking the law, call us at 866 766 5245. We’re available 24/7 including for a crisis intervention, and can help you fight for your future.

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