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The Cops Messed With my Mind And Made me Confess to Something I Didn’t do! (Pt 2)

The methods cops use when questioning people sometimes lead to false confessions, which can then lead to wrongful convictions!

Welcome back and thanks for joining us for this very important subject. If you’re just finding us now we recommend you spend a minute getting caught up here to avoid confusion. Don’t worry, we’ll wait… And now that we’re all on the same page, let’s jump back in where we left off, discussing the erroneous belief that making a false confession will be more beneficial to you than continuing to protest your innocence.

Is there any truth to that belief? Unsurprisingly, the answer is no.

Nope, nada, nicht! It doesn’t matter how you say it, the answer stays the same: there is nothing to be gained by admitting to a crime you didn’t commit. Don’t EVER tell the police what they want to hear, just to make them shut up and leave you alone. There is only one way to get a cop to back up out of your face and stop questioning you, and that’s to lawyer up. Stop talking. Shut up. Tell the cops you don’t want to talk to them at all. Then, hire a fantastic attorney who can step in and protect you.

The top Michigan criminal defense attorneys know exactly what tactics the police use to get you to confess to crimes (even if you’re innocent). They’re familiar with “the tricks of the trade” used by wiley police officers to get you to admit guilt when you’re actually innocent. And don’t for a minute think you can play mind games with the cops, or that this isn’t serious. It’s deadly serious! The police have a lot more experience than you at interrogations, and without the help of an experienced defense attorney, your future evaporate before your eyes. Lawyer up.

How do the cops get you to confess to crimes you didn’t commit?

So now that we’ve established that it happens ( a lot!) you’re probably wondering how it happens. Aside from those people who confess because they think it’ll help their case, how could the cops possibly get an innocent person to say they did something illegal when they didn’t? It’s actually scary, once you understand how this part works – where your own mind is used against you to create false memories.

Psychologists have already proven that once a person believes something to be true, their imagination begins the process of filling in the details. Essentially, their own mind creates the necessary recollections to support that belief, even if it’s completely false! The techniques are somewhat specialized, but once an interrogator is familiar with them, it isn’t hard to get people to believe that they’re guilty of something they never did. Even right here in Michigan!

How do you protect yourself from this kind of manipulation?

In the next installment of our blog, we’re going to talk a little more about how this happens, and what kind of techniques are used by cops to get the results they want. Until then, please remember that one of the best ways to protect yourself from police abuse, false confessions, and wrongful convictions is to hire an excellent criminal defense attorney. Contact The Kronzek Firm right now at 866 766 5245 (866 7No Jail) and get the help you need from the professionals. We’re here to help 24/7. We’ve been fighting for our clients since the last century.

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