Sterling Heights Fire Means Arson Charges For Family’s Oldest Son?


Authorities are saying that the fire was intentionally set, and criminal charges are likely to follow.


At about 3 am on Friday morning, police and firefighters in Macomb County, Michigan were called to a Sterling Heights home on Bloomingdale, in response to a house fire. By the time they arrived, the blaze had already caused a great deal of smoke, but firefighters were able to contain the blaze before it spread and engulfed the entire home.


However, while the home wasn’t completely destroyed and numerous people got out with little to no injuries as a result, one young man lost his life. 17-year-old Matthew Marroki-Yaldo was found trapped in his upstairs bedroom, where he was lying on his bed, passed out from smoke inhalation. Macomb County officials say the bedroom door was open, allowing smoke to pour into the room unimpeded.


Firefighters used a ladder to access the second story, and dragged Marroki-Yaldo out through the window. He was transported to Detroit Receiving Hospital, but was dead by the time he arrived. According to the Oakland County Medical Examiner’s Office, Marroki-Yaldo died from smoke and soot inhalation.


Marroki-Yaldo’s parents were also treated for smoke inhalation, and his father, Laith Marroki-Yaldo, was later transferred to Detroit Receiving Hospital as well. Both parents are now doing well, along with two other siblings who were at home when the fire started, but who weren’t injured.


Investigators quickly determined that the fire was intentionally set, having started on a couch in the first floor den.


They met with the Macomb County Prosecutor’s Office on Monday to review the findings from the investigation. As of now, it is expected that Marroki-Yaldo’s older, 20-year-old brother will be charged with arson. Currently he is the only suspect in the case. In addition to possible arson charges, the suspect may also be facing murder charges as a result of his younger brother’s death. Felony murder is punishable by up to life in prison.


Arson is considered a very serious crime in Michigan.It is defined as the willful or malicious burning of property. Depending on the degree of the arson charge, the penalties can range from 5 years to a lifetime in prison. Under Michigan law there are three types of arson:


  • Arson involving houses;
  • Arson involving other buildings or real property; and
  • Arson involving personal property.


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