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In self-defense, homeowner beats robbery suspect with own gun. Suspect tells police he was victim. Michigan armed robbery defense lawyers 1 866 766-5245

Robbery Gone Wrong- “Victim” Turns Out to be Suspect

Lying to the police is a bad idea. But lying to make yourself look like the victim in a situation when in reality, you are anything but, will almost always turn out poorly for you. Much like it did for a man in Mt. Morris Township, who was founded bloodied and beaten in the street, but wasn’t nearly as innocent as he tried to make himself out to be.

At about 1 pm on Tuesday, November 4th, officers were dispatched to a scene where a resident had found a man, naked and beaten, lying in the street. Mt. Morris Township police Lt. Matt Lasky says that the man told a tale of personal tragedy, in which he was an innocent bystander, and a tragic victim of circumstances, and which the police believed.

Until later, that is. Initially the man told police that he had been at a nearby home, which as it turns out is a suspected drug house, when he was beaten and choked into unconsciousness by someone there. He claims that when he came around, he attempted to flee the home, but was caught and again assaulted. The second time, he said, he was forced down into the basement and beaten with a gun.

Police find evidence to back victims story

While there, he says he heard the occupants of the home plotting to murder him and so he made another, this time more successful, attempt to escape. Police got a search warrant and turned up at the home in question where they found evidence to back the assault victim’s story.

But then new facts came to light and the story that unfolded looked rather different from it’s earlier, more one-sided tale. As it turns out, the man who claimed to be a victim of violence had in fact instigated the events by firing a shot at the home in a robbery-gone-wrong. In self-defense, the homeowner, who understood that he was being robbed at gunpoint, overpowered the supposed victim, and beat him with his own gun.

So, adding to the indignity of being found naked and bloodied in the street, the unnamed man was then arrested after being treated at a local hospital for his injuries. He is currently in police custody, looking at charges of possible armed robbery.

The events are still under investigation, say police, and no charges have yet been filed. The victim-turned-suspect’s name will only be released after arraignment.

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