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Michigan Weapons Free School Zone Laws – Michigan Attorneys

Expert School Gun Crime Attorneys

If your child has been accused of any kind of gun crime or juvenile offense, including matters related to Michigan’s Weapons Free School Zone laws,  you want to have legal advocates that not only have your child’s best interests at heart but can also provide the most vigorous criminal defense possible.

School shootings and guns in schools are common concerns, reflecting recent happenings reported in the news media. However, every defendant is innocent until proven guilty. And the attorneys at The Kronzek Firm PLC, truly understand how gun charges are devastating for families. When a defendant’s future is in jeopardy, turn to a law firm that really knows how to get results.

In general, what are the penalties for carrying a concealed weapon in Michigan?

A person cannot carry a concealed gun on or about his or her person, in a vehicle without a license, or in a way inconsistent with any restrictions of such license.

Carrying a concealed weapon with unlawful intent carries a maximum penalty of 5 years in prison, a fine up to $2,500.00, or both.

With a CPL, can I carry a gun on school property?

There are several places designated as pistol free zones, including hospitals, day care facilities, bars, schools, and more. People who are licensed to carry a concealed pistol are prohibited from doing so in schools or on school property—except parents or legal guardians may carry it while in a vehicle while dropping off or picking up their child.

For a first offense, violators would face a civil infraction and may be fined up to $500.00. The court would then suspend the concealed pistol license for 6 months.

For a second violation, the offender may be charged with a misdemeanor with a maximum penalty up to $1,000.00. The court will then order the license to carry a concealed pistol revoked.

With a third or subsequent violations, the individual may be charged with a felony punishable by up to 4 years in prison, or a fine up to $5,000.00, or both. The court will then order the individual’s CPL revoked as well.

What if my child brings a gun to school?

An individual under 18 years of age cannot possess a firearm in public except under the direct supervision of an adult.

If conducted for the first time in a weapon free school zone, a misdemeanor charge may result. There are many charges that could result for activities prohibited in weapon free school zones. The penalties are determined as imprisonment for the maximum jail term permitted for each crime, or 93 days in jail, whichever is greater. The penalty may also include up to 100 hours of community service and/or a maximum fine for the offense or up to $2,000.00, whichever is greater. (MCL 750.237a)

School Policy

Under the Gun Free Schools Act of 1994, local schools cannot receive federal funds unless they have a policy that requires expulsion for at least one year if a student brings a gun to school. If a child possesses a gun in a weapon free school zone, he or she faces permanent expulsion, subject to possible reinstatement under certain circumstances, especially for very young children. (MCL 380.1311)

Parental Liability and Violations – Weapons Free Zone

A child’s parent may also be charged with a misdemeanor in certain circumstances. If the parent has custody of the child, the minor commits an applicable offense within a weapon free school zone, and the parent knows that the child would commit the violation or acts to further the conduct, then criminal charges may follow.

The maximum penalty is a fine up to $2,000.00, up to 100 hours of community service, and probation.

However, a complete defense to the charge exists if the parent promptly alerts local police or the school administrators that the child either violated or will commit a violation in a weapon free school zone.

We Can Help – Gun Crime Attorneys

If you or a loved one has been charged with a gun crime on school property, contact the aggressive lawyers at The Kronzek Firm PLC.  We provide skilled assistance at all stages of a criminal case—even before charges are filed. Don’t wait. Our skilled team will begin working right away to build a strong defense for you today.

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