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Michigan Thefts – Police Search for Michigan’s “Mad Hatters”

If you think an elderly woman in a large hat could not possibly be a criminal, think again!

For the last year, a group of older women, wearing hats of various colors and shapes, has committed a string of larcenies in the Metro Detroit area. Local police have dubbed these women “the Mad Hatters.”

Police suspect that the Mad Hatters are able to get away with these crimes because people do not expect an old woman would be involved in criminal activity. Not only do the Mad Hatters steal from businesses, but they also target female shoppers who leave their purses unattended in baby strollers or shopping carts. For example, on February 15 of this year, a woman was shopping at Target and bent down to grab some coupons she’d dropped. When she stood back up, she noticed the old lady who had been next to her was gone, along with $140 cash that had been in her purse.

Police suspect the theft crimes are related because security cameras show the hat-wearing women who steal the credit cards are different from the women who later use them. There seem to be five women who comprise the Mad Hatters, ranging from middle-aged to elderly. The Mad Hatters’ strategy seems to be working, and police estimate they have stolen up to $500,000 from businesses and individuals.

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