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Michigan Supreme Court Removes Judge Brennan From The Bench Amid Controversy!

No one is above the law. It doesn’t matter how wealthy you are, how powerful, or high up in the ranks, if you break the law in Michigan (or even just get accused of breaking the law), you’re going to be held accountable. Which is why the Michigan Supreme Court made the unanimous decision to remove Livingston County Judge Theresa Brennan from the bench amid allegations of cover ups and felony charges. 

Brennan, who’s been a District Court Judge since 2005, would have ended her term in 2020. But the current scandal was simply too large to overlook. The Michigan Judicial Tenure Commission functions as a prosecutor for judges that violate their duties. They recommended that she be removed from her position, and our Michigan Supreme Court agreed. In a formal statement explaining their choice, the court said that they adopted the commission’s findings of fact because “our review of the record reveals that they are amply supported.”

What is (former) Judge Brennan accused of, and did she really do it?

Let’s begin with the understanding that for years, Brennan is often accused of being rude, arrogant and disrespectful to people appearing in her courtroom. These feelings are often repeated by lawyers that practiced law in her courtroom for more than a decade. According to court documents, Judge Brennan is now accused of numerous felonies, indiscretions and ethics violations. One claim is that she had a sexual relationship with a Michgan State Police detective who was involved in a murder trial she was presiding over. Her defense attorney however, thinks that removing her from the bench is a very extreme response. 

“Maybe there was a little, a little — I don’t think there was — a little misconduct that ought to be dealt with less than a hanging.” he said in reference to the texts and emails Brennan exchanged with the MSP detective who she allegedly was involved with. Her attorney also says that there is no actual evidence of an improper relationship between Brennan and the detective – certainly not one worth of this “way out of proportion” response from the court!

But an improper relationship with a key investigator is only part of the problem

Brennan is also accused of Perjury and destroying evidence in her very own divorce. According to court documentation, her husband, Donald Root, filed for divorce in 2016. However the case was originally assigned to Brennan, as she was automatically given all divorce cases where there are no children involved. The problem started when Brennan didn’t automatically recuse herself for the obvious conflict of interest, but rather waited several days before handing the case off to another judge.

Root’s divorce attorney filed a request saying that he wanted Brennan’s phone and it’s contents preserved, which he could do because it was owned by Root’s business. But according to Brennan’s former court reporter, Felicia Millhouse, Judge Brennan asked her personally to erase all personal emails from the phone. MSP detectives later discovered that data had been erased from the iphone, which Brennan denied knowing anything about. This led to charges against her, including two counts of Perjury, Destroying Evidence, and Misconduct in Office.

Allegations of professional misconduct can ruin your career!

Even if the allegations aren’t any more than just that – allegations. Even if you’re innocent, or people simply don’t understand the full story, being accused of a crime can ruin your reputation and cost you your job! Here at The Kronzek Firm, our experienced and aggressive defense attorneys have helped hundreds of professionals over the years to defend their reputations and preserve their careers in the face of scandal.

If you’re fighting for your future you’re going to need help from seasoned professionals who know exactly what you’re up against, and how best to deal with your particular situation. Regardless of where in Michigan’s lower peninsula you live – Lansing, Clarkston, Port Huron, Battle Creek or Brighton – call 866 766 5245 ( 1 866 766 5245) today and make sure you’re backed by a team that will fight for your freedom and your future as if it were our own. We’re available 24/7 to help you through this crisis.

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