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Michigan Assault With a Dangerous Weapon Attorneys

Assault with a dangerous weapon is a crime that explains itself: using a dangerous weapon to commit assault. Most often, Michigan prosecutors charge this as felonious assault. However, you do need to know what our Michigan law qualifies as “assault” or as a “dangerous weapon.” In this page of our web site, we define both in detail.


What is considered an assault in Michigan?


In Michigan, an assault can be:

  • Committing a battery
  • Attempting a battery
  • Putting someone in a position where they reasonably fear a battery


Battery is when the defendant (or some object used by the defendant) touches another person in a harmful or offensive way. The object could be a stick, a gun or any other inanimate object.


This is the quick definition of assault. For more detail, visit our page that will give you more details about assault.


What is a dangerous weapon in Michigan?


In Michigan, a dangerous weapon is defined as any object that is used in a way that is likely to cause death or serious physical injury. This makes “dangerous weapon” is a fairly broad term, because there are literally thousands of household items that could be used to hurt someone.


What distinguishes a regular household item from a “dangerous weapon” is the intent you have when you use it. If you intend to use an item to commit an assault, then suddenly that item becomes a dangerous weapon. Of course, there are also items that are designed to be dangerous. A garden shovel can be a legal, household tool. If you decide to use the shovel to strike somebody, it suddenly becomes a dangerous weapon.


Because dangerous weapons are determined in large part by the intent of the user, a case involving a dangerous weapon would need to prove the intent of the defendant. The trial would need the jury to determine if the object was used in a dangerous way or was intended to be used in a dangerous manner. Hitting somebody with shovel could clearly be dangerous because it could cause harm.


In summary, there are limitless items that could be considered a dangerous weapon. A car, a pit bull, a beer bottle, a pistol, a machete, a hammer… The list of items is not what matters, but the intent of the accused certainly matters a great deal.


Felonious assault is a 4 year felony in Michigan. From there, it just gets worse. For example, a more serious felony is assault with intent to do great bodily harm less than murder. Or assault with intent to murder. Or assault with intent to commit a sexual battery.


The Kronzek Firm Approach to Defense


At The Kronzek Firm, we believe that the key to great defense is a great criminal defense team. Our lawyers will work not just for you, but with you. Our criminal lawyers are focused on one thing….winning!


Our attorneys have achieved fabulous results through effectively cross-examining prosecution witnesses, conducting thorough investigations into the evidence, and carefully examining the facts. Because we work with our clients, we help prepare our clients for testifying when it’s beneficial to the case. We take your feedback and listen to your needs and concerns. We are available 24/7 via phone and email, and we will make time for you in the office when you want to talk to us in-person.


What our decades of experience in this line of work has taught us is that the best results come when the client and attorney work together. Our clients are key members of our defense teams. We respect you, we want to help you, and we won’t look down on you. We don’t judge you. We are your advocates. This will be a different experience than what most other law firms can offer you.


Let’s Work Together and Let’s Win Together


If you think you might be charged for any kind of assault, we would be happy to be of assistance. The Kronzek Firm PLC is a premier Michigan trial attorney firm with over two decades of experience.


We have had clients come to us with cases that they thought would be indefensible, yet we were still able to successfully help so many of these clients.  


Simply call us at 866-766-5245 (1 866 7NoJail) and talk to an expert attorney right away. All of our attorneys are seasoned trial attorneys and we are available by phone 24/7.  You can also reach us by email at: any time.


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