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Medibles: the New Face of Medical Marijuana


It Used to be That Medibles Were Always Homemade…

Many people think of marijuana-laced edibles as those stinky “pot brownies” you were offered in college at a party. Tasting awful and smelling worse than gym shoes, early “medibles” were always homemade. And they looked it – both in their production and presentation. But times are a-changin’. With the legalization of marijuana in many states across the US, the production of medibles has gone upscale. And Michigan is no exception.

Verdelux Chocolates, a company based in Washington state, creates beautifully crafted chocolates infused with THC. Filled with caramel, milk chocolate or ganache, each little truffle looks exactly like the kind you’d find in a box of Harry & David chocolates. Except they’re not.

Cannabis infused coffee pods for your Keurig? No problem. Marijuana laced spiced almonds for snacking on the go? Absolutely. Cannabis Chai Tea, lemon-flavored THC hard candies, Knock-off kit kat candy bars infused with marijuana? The world is your oyster. Or at least, the THC laced mollusk of your choice.

The issue of medibles has been a heated one here in Michigan. With new bills introduced last year aimed at bringing back the medical marijuana dispensaries, the topic got lots of air time. But House Bill 4271 faded into nonexistence in late December last year, when the Senate chose to end the year without voting on it.

New legislation, reintroduced this year, put the subject back on the table. But it has been a slow process. Primarily the issue comes down to the divide between sides. Lawmakers and law enforcement are having a hard time finding common ground upon which to build new laws for governing dispensary and medible issues.

So for all of Michigan’s advancements in the area of medical marihuana law, the issue of medibles is still a touchy subject. Technically, it is still illegal for dispensaries to operate in the mitten state, though many do. And it is also illegal to sell or purchase medibles, though many people do.

But for those of you hoping for a time in the future when Cannabis Chai Tea and Marijuana laced Spiced Almonds could legally show up on your personal menu, Senator Rick Jones offers hope. “I do believe that it’s possible that by the end of the year, we’ll have laws in place to ensure everyone has a safe product they can get at a dispensary.”

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