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Man Arrested For Murdering Girlfriend In Muskegon

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29-year-old Josh Salyers has been accused of murdering his 22-year-old girlfriend, Barbie Dailey. Dailey in Muskegon. Dailey is, a mother of three young children and was found dead inside her house Sunday night, September 4th.

A Plea of Desperation to Her Father

According to Kevin Dailey, the victim’s father, the last contact he had with his daughter was a desperate conversation where she begged him for help. She said she needed help getting Salyers out of her father’s home where he was staying until he was able to find another place to live. Dailey no longer lived with him after they broke up, having moved out about a week before.


Because Dailey had maintained a good relationship with the father of her oldest daughter, it was his mother she moved in with while Salyers looked for alternate housing.  According to Dailey’s father, on that final day she was hysterical and screaming, begging him to help her get rid of Salyers and claiming that she didn’t love him any more. All the while, Salyers was allegedly texting her repeatedly.


Police say that they were first contacted by Salyers. He told them that Dailey had called him seeking help after being attacked, and that he found her injured in her house. Her throat had been slashed and she was bleeding out. First responders rushed Dailey to the hospital in Muskegon where she received emergency treatment for her wounds. But it was too late. She died


Although Salyers first told officers that Dailey had been attacked by someone else and he had come to her rescue, police did not believe him. A neighbor’s security camera captured footage of him entering the house with Dailey and then running down a nearby alley shortly afterwards. When police told him that they had footage of his getaway attempt, he confessed to slashing her throat.


Dailey’s family members say that Salyers seemed like a good boyfriend at first, but became more and more controlling with time. He is alleged to have controlled a good deal of Dailey’s life, telling her what to wear, forcing her to quit her job and dictating who she could talk to. Friends and family say that they were concerned with these classic symptoms of domestic violence. .


A warrant was issued by the Muskegon County Prosecutor’s office the following day. Salyers was arrested and charged with murder. He appeared by video feed for his arraignment in the Muskegon County District Court, wearing a suicide prevention vest and weeping as the charges were read out by the judge.


Judge Raymond Kostrzewa denied Salyers bond at the request of Muskegon County Prosecutor’s Chief Trial Attorney Matt J. Roberts. According to Roberts, Salyers has admitted to the murder and should not be allowed out of jail. His preliminary examination is scheduled for Tuesday, September 20, 2016 at 9:30 am. He is facing life without parole in prison.


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