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Information on Lansing’s Major Meth Lab Bust


Last Tuesday night, the Tri-County Metro Narcotics Squad coordinated a raid on two homes in Lansing suspected of being meth labs. Apparently the bust was the result of information officers had acquired while conducting an undercover operation. The meth lab was apparently one of the largest ever busted by police in the Lansing area.


The homes, located in the 1300 block of Washington Avenue and the 800 block of Loa Street, were both raided on Tuesday late afternoon. People living in the surrounding neighborhoods say that the streets were full of police cars, both Michigan State Police cruisers and unmarked vehicles.


According to updates released by police, at the home on Washington Avenue which is where the raid began, officers discovered a number of “one pot” meth labs. Included in the evidence was one active cooking one-pot lab, and remnants from a number of others. In addition, officers also discovered 4 small pop bottles and 15 two-liter bottles that had been used to cook meth.


Evidence found at the first house led officers to the home on Loa street, where investigators discovered 70 two-liter bottles and 15 smaller bottles that had been used for cooking meth. Officers did seize methamphetamines as well, but have not released any information regarding how much it was.


In addition to the evidence discovered at the two scenes, officers also arrested two individuals  in connection with the meth bust. They have not, however, released any information regarding the identity of the two people arrested, nor have they revealed the charges that they will be seeking against the individuals.


While using meth is a misdemeanor in Michigan, possession of meth is a 10 year felony that might also cost you $15,000 in fines. As if that isn’t sobering enough, manufacture and distribution of meth are 20 year felonies with possible fines of up to $25,000.


While our advice to everyone, whether or not they are our clients, would be to steer clear of methamphetamines, we understand that not everyone takes our advice. So if you are faced with a drug or meth related charge and are in need of an excellent defense attorney who can help you, contact us immediately at 866-766-5245. We have nearly a quarter century of defending people in Michigan that have been accused of drug crimes.


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