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Grand Rapids CPS Defense Attorneys

The Kronzek Firm attorneys have been fighting to keep families together for many years.  And we have been successful.  When your family is at stake, you want to be defended by the best attorney you can find.  Our track record for winning cases and keeping families together is second to none.  If you need the immediate assistance of a Grand Rapids CPS defense attorney, contact us online now, or call (866) 766-5245.

Defending CPS Cases in Grand Rapids

When Children’s Protective Services Workers enter your life, it can be difficult and challenging to handle without help.  Fortunately, there is help available.  We have handled some extremely difficult cases in Kent County and throughout Michigan.  Our practice focuses largely on difficult to defend and medically complex CPS investigations.  Amongst our cases, we have tackled accusations like:

  • Shaken Baby Syndrome (SBS)
  • Abusive Head Trauma (AHT)
  • Non-Accidental Injury (NAI)
  • Munchausen Syndrome By Proxy (MSBP)
  • Intentionally Inflicted Injury
  • Medical Neglect
  • Drug Addiction
  • Methamphetamine Manufacturing
  • Domestic Violence
  • Educational Neglect
  • Failure to Protect

We have been able to offer both hope and success to the vast majority of our clients.   Our approach to defending a CPS / DHS challenge is detail oriented, comprehensive and intense.  We find that being aggressive litigators who are not intimidated by CPS, Judges, or Prosecutors works well for our clients.

Our Grand Rapids CPS Defense Team

Brandy Thompson

Brandy ThompsonBrandy Thompson, Partner at The Kronzek Firm, has been fighting and winning CPS petitions for over 10 years.  She has a history of re-unifying families in the most difficult of circumstances.  For cases in dispositional review, she is clearly one of Michigan’s best.  Her successes include cases where  courts gained disposition (wardship) over children based on sexual allegations, abuse, neglect, failure to protect and drug use by parents.  She is second to none in her abilities to guide parents through this difficult process.

Ms. Thompson has won cases at every stage of proceedings including pre-file intervention, at the trial level, during the dispositional phase, and at termination trial.  Our clients are fortunate to have an attorney of her caliber.

Charles Kronzek

CMK 2.28.14Charles Kronzek, a Founding Partner at The Kronzek Firm is an excellent custody attorney who litigates in both the family law and the CPS defense arena.  He is highly successful and is rated Excellent by AVVO.

His trial skill can be intimidating and he is highly respected amongst his peers.  His reputation as a tenacious litigator is extremely valuable to our clients.  Extensive knowledge of family law is vital for a Michigan CPS defense team.  This is because termination of parental rights trials require a judge to make determinations of the best interests of the children involved.  In Michigan child protection litigation, this is done by using essentially the same best interest factors that are used in a custody dispute.  Because of this, it is often a mistake to hire an exclusively criminal defense firm.  Many criminal defense attorneys do not understand child protection law.  Because of our diverse areas of expertise, The Kronzek Firm is able to draw on the litigation skill and knowledge of our family law attorneys when needed.

Stephanie Service

SMS 2.27.14Stephanie Service is a rising star in the practice area of CPS defense.  She has proven herself as a criminal defense attorney, a CPS defense attorney, and a family law attorney.  She has handled many difficult cases with distinction and success.  She is well liked by our clients and respected by judges and opposing counsel.  Stephanie is passionate about defending parental rights and skilled at challenging the violation of constitutional rights prevalent amongst police and CPS investigators.  She knows how, and when, to stand her ground and is not intimidated by hostile CPS workers, prosecutors, or police.  Ms. Service is extremely hard working and is often found in the office on nights and weekends working for our clients.  She understands that clients don’t just need help during office hours.  We are confident in saying that Ms. Service will be as determined to keep your family together as you are.  Stephanie Service is available during office hours and often by appointment after hours.



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