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Flint Township Toys R Us Shooting

Toys R Us Shooting Results in Charges for Teen

18-year-old Daquarius Quantrel Fisher is accused of shooting another person in the parking lot of the Toys R Us in Flint Township. The reason? The victim is alleged to have looked at him in a way that was insulting, which quickly escalated into a fight. Quantrel is then said to have fired shots at him. However, the truth is that very few details have been released about the incident that led up to the shooting.

The shooting took place at about 5:30 pm on December 7th, in the parking lot of Toys R Us. Three people were apparently involved – Quantrel, an unnamed 21-year-old woman who was with him, and the person shot who was a 25-year-old resident of Flint. The argument is said to have started inside the store and then progressed outside into the parking lot. However, no one seems to know what it was about.

Quantrel was seen fleeing the scene in a Chevrolet Silverado. Police described the car as being “tan in color” and “late-model”. The man who was shot in the leg, was transported to Hurley Medical Center where he was treated. He has since been released.

Witness reports of the account reveal very little in the way of details. People who were in the parking lot at the time, ran back into the store to escape the gunfire. But no one recalls hearing the preceding argument. Reports include people screaming and running, and anxiety inside the store while people waited for the all-clear from police.

Police arrested Quantrel at his home in Flint a few hours after the shooting occurred. There they found two handguns, one of which is confirmed to be stolen. Some time later the 21-year-old woman turned herself in to police. Officers have said that they intend to seek charges against her as well for being an accessory after the fact to a felony. But so far, she has not been charged with anything.

Quantrel was arraigned on December 9th in the Genesee County District Court. He is facing seven felony charges. These include three counts of assault with intent to murder, three counts of felony firearm, and a single count of carrying a concealed weapon.

Under Michigan law assault with intent to murder is punishable by any number of years in prison, up to life. Felony firearm, if it is a first offense, is punishable by two years in prison, and carrying a concealed weapon is a five year charge. Unless Quantrel is offered a plea bargain by the prosecution that he chooses to accept, or is acquitted at trial, he may be looking at a very long time behind bars.

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