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Driver in need of Kalamazoo Drunk Driving Attorney

Michigan Man Crashes Car Into Unsuspecting Victims Home

A Michigan man is going to be looking for a good Kalamazoo Drunk Driving Attorney.  On Friday April 11th, in the very early hours of morning, five college roommates were suddenly woken up by a loud boom. They searched for the source of the noise, only to cover that a car had come crashing through the wall of their rental house. No one inside the house was hurt, just confused and surprised. The drunk driver, however, wasn’t quite that lucky. According to one of the residents of the house, his face was all cut up.

Within minutes, the house began to fill with smoke from the damaged car. Apparently the injured man got out of the wrecked car and came into their house, saying “Don’t call the police! Don’t call the police!”. They also say they heard him talking to a friend on his phone, apparently the owner of the vehicle, telling her that he had just totaled her car.

The residents called the police to report the events and, as a result, the driver fled the scene on foot. The suspect was tracked using a K-9 unit, to another home later the same day. He was arrested and charged with leaving the scene of an accident, driving under the influence and driving on a suspended license. Police have not yet released the man’s name, but students of Western Michigan University have identified him as Janero Johnson, a 20 year old resident of Kalamazoo, MI.

The car, described as a maroon Chevrolet Prizm, crashed through the wall of the basement, causing severe structural and electrical damage. Within hours of the incident the house was condemned and the five roommates were required to move out. They are currently staying with friends or family.

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