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Congressman’s Aide Arrested for Assault

Assault Involved a Shovel and a Knife

The story is, admittedly, a rather confusing one. And very little is offered in the way of details that would allow us to make sense of it. But as it stands, the information we have at this time is that 32-year-old Timothy Foster, an aide to Michigan Democratic Congressman Sander Levin, physically assaulted his lover with a kitchen knife and a small shovel. And he apparently didn’t stop until his wife intervened.

The incident allegedly took place in Baltimore, Maryland, at Foster’s address. Foster and a black male identified as his lover became engaged in a verbal argument just after midnight. The argument escalated and Foster finally put his lover in a chokehold saying, “I want to kill you. Die dirty faggy.”

The man got away but Foster grabbed a kitchen knife and gave chase, warning, “When you reach the fifth step I’m going to stab you.” Which he seems to have tried to do, but Foster’s wife got in the way, deflecting the attack and causing Foster to drop the knife.

Foster then retrieved a small shovel and attacked the man again as he fled for his vehicle. Foster is said to have chased him all the way to his car, hitting him repeatedly in the back and neck with the shovel. When the man arrived at a local hospital in Baltimore, he had bruises and abrasions on his back that required treatment.

Officers were called to the hospital, where Foster’s boyfriend told them about the assault. Foster was subsequently arrested and charged with two counts of assault with a dangerous weapon, and one count of aggravated assault. He has since been placed on unpaid leave from his position as the Congressman’s aide. His trial has been scheduled for November 10th.

Had this incident taken place in Michigan, convictions for aggravated assault and assault with a dangerous weapon, would have resulted in significant prison time for Foster. Under Michigan law, while aggravated assault is a misdemeanor than can result in up to one year in jail, assault with a dangerous weapon is a felony that can earn you up to life in prison.

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