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Category Archives: Legal Ethics

False Confessions – When a Lie Isn’t Actually A Lie Pt. 1

  According to the Innocence Project, more than 1 in every 4 people who were wrongly convicted of a crime and were later exonerated by DNA evidence, made a false confession. That’s over a quarter of the total. How did that happen? Why would an innocent person confess to a crime they didn’t commit? The […]

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Body Cameras: Police Accountability versus Civilian Privacy

  Body cameras on police officers is something that we’ve written about a number of times in the past. Last year both Detroit and Bay City equipped their officers with body cameras by the end of the year. Lansing has begun that process too. And they certainly weren’t the first departments to do so. In […]

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Michigan Judge Rules in Favor of Flint Residents

  A recent class action lawsuit against the state of Michigan and several state officials will continue, despite a motion to dismiss the case completely. Michigan Court of Claims Judge Mark Boonstra has decided that the lawsuit over Flint’s lead-tainted water may continue, but only under two constitutional claims.   Judge Boonstra dismissed two claims, […]

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Two Aides Settle ‘Whistleblower’ Lawsuit Against Michigan House

  The fallout from the Courser/Gamrat affair has been extensive, nationally publicized and embarrassing. With criminal charges, allegations of misconduct, people losing their jobs on both sides of the fence and even several lawsuits, the ripples from this rock were huge. Now, the two former aides to former House Representatives Courser and Gamrat have settled […]

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Misconduct Charges Against Former Legislators Tossed Out

The sex scandal involving two former Michigan Lawmakers has resulted in a mixed bag with regards to the outcome. One has seen all felony Misconduct in Office charges dismissed, while the other is headed to trial for allegations of Perjury and Misconduct in Office.   The charges stem from a bizarre cover-up engineered by former […]

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Michigan Criminal Law – Ottawa County Attorney’s Contempt Conviction Reversed

In December, we wrote about Scott G. Millard, an Ottawa County attorney who was held in criminal contempt at the 58th District Court in Hudsonville, Michigan by Judge Kenneth Post. The judge took issue with the attorney’s statement that the client need not answer questions about prior drug use in order for the judge to determine […]

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Michigan Criminal Law – Ottawa County Attorney Jailed for Contempt for Doing his Job

A criminal defense attorney from Stanton, Michigan was recently jailed for contempt of court in Ottawa County. He was at the 58th District Court in Hudsonville representing a client who was charged with Minor in Possession. The judge asked the client whether the client had previously used controlled substances, and the attorney instructed the client […]

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