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What Happens If I Resist The Police During an Arrest in Michigan?

  As you probably already know, resisting arrest is a horribly bad idea! However, what many people don’t know is the reason why. Why can’t you refuse arrest if you believe that you’re innocent and shouldn’t be charged with a crime? Why can’t you refuse to comply when you’re certain that the arresting officer is […]

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Fleeing And Eluding in Michigan: What You Need To Know!

  When you hear the term ‘Fleeing and Eluding” you typically think of people running from the police. In the movies, it’s usually a good guy who got caught up in a bad situation. He knows that the cops won’t believe him even though he’s telling the truth, so he runs. Sometimes it’s a bad […]

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Televised Police Chase Results in Multiple Criminal Charges

  A police chase that was televised on several stations around the state of Michigan has resulted in one woman facing criminal charges. She has been charged for fleeing from the police but it was the reason for her flight that is likely to result in some very serious additional charges.   Police records show […]

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St. Joseph County Fleeing and Eluding Charges

Fleeing and Eluding Charges Follow High Speed Police Chase Jessica Mae Utter, a 31-year-old resident of Elkhart, Indiana was recently arrested after leading police on a high speed chase through three townships. She is now facing fleeing and eluding charges here in Michigan, where the courts do not tend to look kindly on people who […]

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Fleeing and Eluding? Or Making a Smart Choice?

Was it Really Fleeing and Eluding? DaJuawn Wallace was making a quick trip to the store to pick up medicine for his girlfriend, when he noticed the headlights of a vehicle behind him speeding up. It was dark and almost 2 a.m. at the time. Wallace didn’t want to be involved in an accident, so […]

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Cass City Snowmobile Chase Ends In Conviction

In the earliest months of 2014, a Cass City man led Michigan conservation officer Joshua Wright on a wild, five mile snowmobile chase. Thirteen months later, a jury has finally convicted the fleeing snowmobile driver. But the road has been a long one, and the state had to fight hard to win this one.

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Montcalm Fleeing and Eluding

Detroit Man Strikes EMT James Carl Leichtweis, a 54-year-old Detroit man, has been charged with fourth degree fleeing and eluding, and reckless driving. The charges are the result of an incident that occurred on June 25th in the Bethel Lutheran Church parking lot on West Howard City-Edmore Road in Reynolds Township. Leichtweis was found by a […]

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