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6 Steps To Choosing The Right Michigan Criminal Defense Attorney (Part 2)

  Thanks for joining us again. In our previous article, we talked about how to approach the issue of needing a criminal defense attorney. Whether you’re facing state or federal charges, and making sure you choose an attorney that practices criminal law are important points. Moving on we’re going to look at a few more […]

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You’re Under Arrest in Michigan. What Next?

  Being busted is a scary experience, especially for people who’ve never been arrested before. If your only experience with the inside of a jail cell is what you’ve seen in the movies, then having the cuffs slapped on you and being delivered to “orange jumpsuit-ville” will be terrifying!   For people entering the criminal […]

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United States Supreme Court Rules Defendant Had Right to Effective Assistance of Counsel When Accepting or Rejecting Plea Offer

In the case of Lafler v. Cooper, the United States Supreme Court recently issued a ruling that stands up for the rights of criminal defendants everywhere. This case began in Michigan and worked its way to the United States Supreme Court. In the case, Anthony Cooper was charged as a habitual offender with the Michigan […]

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