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Category Archives: Attorney Client Privilege

How an Ineffective Lawyer Can Trash Your Trial And Ruin Your Future!

We’ve said it before – your choice of lawyer is critical. Not all attorneys are created equal, and if you go to trial with an inexperienced, easily intimidated, or lazy attorney, your outcome is going to reflect that choice. It’s the same reason we tell people that just accepting whatever attorney the court assigns you […]

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The Right Lawyer Can Help You Avoid a Wrongful Conviction

  Getting accused of something you didn’t do is a terrible feeling. But not half as awful as actually being convicted of a crime you didn’t commit. Can you imagine, sitting behind bars for years, maybe decades serving time for something you’re completely innocent of doing? Your reputation trashed, and your record permanently marked by […]

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Why Choosing The Right Attorney is Critical to Your Case!

  You wouldn’t use a pipe wrench to wash a window, or a toilet brush to clean your teeth. Why? Because using the wrong tool for the job gets you disastrous results! It’s the same with hiring an attorney. And no, we’re not talking about generalities here – of course you wouldn’t call a car […]

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Can I Hire a Defense Attorney Even If I Haven’t Been Arrested Yet?

  Many people don’t realize that their right to counsel begins even before any charges have been filed. That means that you have a right to be represented by a lawyer long before you’ve been arrested or charged with a crime.   There are many situations where people are in need of a criminal defense […]

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I’m Innocent! Will I Seem Guilty if I Hire a Lawyer to Defend me?

  One of the first things a police officer will say to you when you’re arrested (if they’re doing their job properly), is that you have the right to an attorney. This is part of the Miranda rights that a police officer is required to read to you at the time of your arrest. It […]

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Can A Michigan Attorney Conceal Evidence of a Client’s Criminal Activity?

Anyone who loves crime dramas and legal thrillers has seen at least one movie or TV show where a defendant tries to tell their attorney about what they actually did, and their lawyer says, “I don’t want to know!” This may seem strange to people. After all, why wouldn’t your defense attorney want to know […]

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Federal Prison Accused of Recording Attorney/Inmate Meetings

  Cops and feds and numerous other law enforcement personnel are renowned for bending the law to suit them in TV shows and movies. And who could blame them – they are almost always the good guys onscreen, furiously hunting very bad guys who have to be stopped at all costs. In most cases, the […]

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