Can I Hire a Defense Attorney Even If I Haven’t Been Arrested Yet?

Being able to meet with your attorney before your arrest can make all the difference to your case!


Many people don’t realize that their right to counsel begins even before any charges have been filed. That means that you have a right to be represented by a lawyer long before you’ve been arrested or charged with a crime.


There are many situations where people are in need of a criminal defense lawyer, and they don’t even know it! For example, if the police are investigating a crime and they bring you down to the police station “for questioning,” you should have an attorney present. Even although you haven’t been arrested, and might never be, it’s still a good idea to have good legal representation during almost any encounter with police during an investigation. What you think might be your chance to tell your side of the story, might really be an attempt to gather more evidence to convict you of a crime.


What good is hiring a lawyer before I’m even arrested?


An experienced criminal defense attorney has spent years developing methods and strategies that allow for a proactive approach to protecting their clients. Each case is different, so a good criminal lawyer will assess the facts, determine what the possible outcomes are, and then work to construct a strong, proactive defense.


But what’s the purpose? Surely there isn’t much an attorney could do if I haven’t been arrested? After all, lawyers are for court, right? Wrong! Lawyers are for whenever you need legal help. Not sure what that means? Consider this…


The purpose of pre-arrest help from an attorney


We can’t explain the strategies used by other defense attorneys, but here at The Kronzek Firm we have a three pronged approach. First, we work to avoid having any charges filed against you. Believe it or not, having a lawyer on board from the very beginning can sometimes ensure that you don’t get arrested at all!  We have developed our own protocol for handling pre-arrest cases that helps us to be position you in the event that charges are eventually filed against you. Often times, we can help you avoid being charged with a crime.


Second, we start working to construct a strong defense in case you are arrested and charged in connection with this case in the future. And last but not least, we do whatever “damage control” is possible for your case, in the event that the prosecutor’s office decides to file criminal charges against you later on.


What does a lawyer do to help me for before the arrest?


The techniques and procedures for creating your pre-arrest defense might include:


  • Gathering information from the police about their investigation, and the conclusions they’ve drawn so far
  • Conducting an independent investigation (as opposed to using the information gathered by the police in their investigation)
  • Locating and interviewing witnesses
  • Evaluating evidence
  • Researching the law as it pertains to your case
  • Hiring forensic and scientific experts to review evidence and if the case goes to trial, testify on your behalf


A good defense begins with a good offense!


If we had a dollar for every time we heard a client say “I should have called you sooner!” we’d probably be able to take the entire state legislature out to lunch! The fact is, if you suspect the police may be investigating you in connection with any Michigan crime, or if a police officer has talked to you in connection with an investigation, you need to call us! We recommend that you never speak to the police without your lawyer being present. Explain that to the officer that is trying to discuss a case with you.


Our skilled criminal defense team is available 24/7, including weekends and holidays. We know that the sooner we’re able to start, the sooner we’re able to start protecting your rights and your future!  So if you think you might be arrested in Michigan, for any reason, call our experienced criminal defense attorneys at 866 766 5245. We’re here to help you.


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