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Can Cops Just Lie to You When They Arrest You in Michigan?

Are cops allowed to lie to you if they’re questioning you after an arrest?


This is a question our clients ask a lot, and we’ve had to explain the law surrounding honesty and police procedure over and over. So we thought we’d take a minute to explain this confusing aspect of Michigan criminal law to our readers.


Michigan cops CAN lie to you during questioning!


It’s against the law to lie to a police officer in Michigan, especially if your fabrication in any way hinders an investigation. But, unethical as it may seem, this isn’t a two-way street. During a criminal investigation in Michigan, it’s perfectly legal for cops to lie to a suspect if it assists them in their investigation. Usually a cop will lie in the hopes of getting a suspect to confess, or say something incriminating. The most common use of police lies is to tell a suspect that someone else has implicated them in the crime, or “ratted them out.” Other lies include telling a suspect that the police already have all the evidence they need to make their case.


However, you don’t have to talk to them at all!


So the cops have you in that small, ugly little room, sitting in an uncomfortable chair, probably secretly recording you and they’re asking you all kinds of questions you’d rather not answer. Good news – you don’t have to! Cops can say whatever they want in order to get you to talk to them, or confess to a crime, but you don’t have to. You aren’t required to answer their questions, to explain anything, or to tell them any more than you feel like sharing. They certainly won’t make it easy, and will try to goad you into telling them something incriminating, but the choice to stay silent is yours, and we strongly urge you to stay quiet.


Never trust a cop after you’ve been arrested and accused of a crime!

The law allows a person in police custody to remain silent, because almost anything they say can be used in court as part of evidence. This means every passing comment you make or joke you attempt to crack, every exchange you share with loved ones while in the presence of a police officer, and even your non-verbal reactions will be recorded and used by police to bolster their case. Why? Because that’s a cop’s job – to gather evidence and close the case quickly. They aren’t your friends, and they’re not looking out for you. So be careful of what you say, and who you say it to! Cops are trained to interrogate suspects. Don’t help them convict you of a crime. Shut them down quickly by telling them that you want a lawyer before any questioning and you want to exercise your right to remain silent. That should end the interrogation.


You have to call an attorney as soon as you’re given the chance!


If you’ve been arrested and the cops are accusing you of a crime, you have the right to an attorney. The cops aren’t allowed to deny you your right to contact a lawyer, and they aren’t allowed to keep questioning you after you’ve said you want an attorney. As long as you clearly tell them that you want an attorney present, and that you refuse to speak to them until one arrives, they’re required to wait a reasonable time to question you until your attorney arrives.


Don’t make the mistake of lying to cops, or hiring a cheap lawyer!

Remember, the cops are required by law to follow certain procedures in order to do what they do. However, just because they should, doesn’t mean they always do. Sometimes rules are overlooked, or simply ignored. And if your rights have been violated, an inexperienced or weak defense attorney won’t be able to use that to your advantage! Make sure you hire the best criminal defense attorney in Michigan to protect your rights and defend against police errors and abuses. Call The Kronzek Firm at 866 766 5245 (866 7No Jail) right now. We can help you!


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