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Brandy Thompson

Brandy ThompsonBrandy’s life plans didn’t include being a lawyer. She wanted to be a vet. In fact, she loved animals so much, that her mother organized with a local veterinarian for Brandy to “shadow” him for a week, so that she could get a feel for the job. Well, what she got instead was a hefty dose of reality.


By the end of the week, when the vet had put down several animals out of necessity, Brandy came to the conclusion that animal medicine just wasn’t her calling in life, and she moved on to life goal #2, which just happened to be the law. (Lucky us!)


Brandy did her undergraduate degree at Lake Superior State University, which is apparently a terrible place to be if you don’t like the cold. (To this day, no one’s quite sure how she survived!)  There she majored in Political Science and Pre-Law, graduating Magna Cum Laude, before heading off to MSU to get her law degree.


Before joining The Kronzek Firm as a law clerk, Brandy worked in the Victim/Witness Unit at the Ingham County Prosecutor’s Office. It was an experience that gave her a unique perspective into the lives of people who rely on the law for justice, and tapped into her already compassionate nature. This insight and empathy, coupled with her competitive nature and strong will, are what make her the great attorney she is. That, and her fierce dedication, which she applies to everything from shopping and preparing gourmet meals, to helping clients in court.


Ask Brandy what the most important thing in life is, and she’ll tell you ‘family.’ She talks to her mother on the phone every week, hangs out with her sister regularly, and loves nothing more than shopping and spa days with her daughters. As for her husband, they met over 20 years ago in college, and have been together ever since.


In fact, family is at the center of everything Brandy does, which is another reason her clients love her. She understand the fears and struggles of parents whose children are facing charges. She can empathise with people whose loved one are fighting for their futures against a system stacked in the prosecution’s favor.


Brandy isn’t a complete workaholic, though. She loves her downtime, and when she isn’t vacationing in the Riviera Maya (which is her favorite place on the planet), she spends her free time doing DIY projects around the house, hanging out with her daughters, and reading. In fact, reading and her daughters are one of Brandy’s favorite combos, in that she loves to read to them. Specifically, she loves to share her childhood favorites, like James and the Giant Peach, Little House on the Prairie and Trumpet of the Swan with her daughters. (Don’t worry – she reads grown up books from time to time as well.)


Books aside, the other thing Brandy loves is food. Ask her what her favorite food is and you’ll be there a while, because the list is long. Chinese, Mexican, Japanese, Thai… do you see the trend here? Yup, you guessed it – Brandy loves to try foods from around the world, and the spicier the better! So if you’ve sampled a great Turkish dish at a local restaurant, or have a recipe for your grandmother’s amazingly spicy Sicilian chicken that you’d be willing to share, be sure to tell Brandy. (She may just be your friend forever!)


Family, books, and ethnic cuisine aside, the other thing Brandy loves with all her heart is her job. And loving what she does is part of what makes her such a good attorney. She brings her compassion, her competitive nature, and her devotion to justice to every case she handled. And as a result, every client she represents gets the best of both worlds – an aggressive attorney who fights fiercely on their behalf, and a compassionate representative, who can sympathize with their situation. It’s why her clients love her so much, and why we’re so glad to have her on our team.



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