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10 Ways The Cops Can Lie to You Without Breaking The Law! (Pt 2)

What you gonna do when they come for you? Tell the truth! But they don’t have to!


Welcome back and thanks for joining us here for this discussion about the many ways cops can lie to you during an investigation. As we’ve explained in the previous article, the police are allowed to lie to you if they suspect you’re guilty of a crime, and their lies are likely to get them a truthful confession. Which means they can claim they have physical evidence and eyewitness testimony against you, that your “accomplice” has made a full confession (implicating you for everything, of course!) or even that you failed some phony test they cooked up to scare you. But that’s not all…


  1. They can lie about recording your conversation with them:


If a cop tells you something is “off the record” or that they’re going to turn off their recording device and just have a one-to-one conversation with you, don’t believe it!  . Also, there’s nothing in the law that requires an officer to tell you about a recorder that’s already recording. So the one you see them turn off probably isn’t the only one in the room! Nearly every interview room at the police station has a hidden video camera. Also keep in mind that most cops wear body cameras with hidden microphones.


  1. They can lie about what’s going to happen to other people:


“If you don’t own up to it, someone you care about is going to take the fall for you. Can you live with that on your conscience?” So if the cops are telling you your friends are headed for the big house if you don’t confess, they might be lying. However, you need to know that the law prohibits cops from threatening your family members. So if a cop is telling you they can free an incarcerated family member in exchange for your confession, or that they’ll harass or arrest one of your family members if you don’t cooperate, they’re breaking the law! Keep quiet and call our 24/7 phone number at 1 866 7NoJail.  


  1. They can lie about what happens if you refuse to talk:


Cops are often good story tellers. They can spin a terrifying tale about all the ways they can make your life hell if you don’t give them what they want, namely: a confession. In truth, if you lie to the cops, or obstruct an investigation, it will definitely make things harder for you. But not if you choose to simply stay silent – that is your constitutional right. Actually, it makes you smarter than they think you are. Keep quiet.


  1. They can lie about being on your side:


The police aren’t there to help you. They want to catch a criminal and put them in prison. End of story. They don’t want to help you, and they’re not on your side. But that’s exactly what they’ll tell you if they think it’ll get you to confess. So when a cop tells you it’s your last chance to tell the story from your perspective, or they only want to hear your version but you’re not in trouble, don’t believe them! Most cops will say whatever it takes to close their case and “get their guy”!


  1. They can lie about what it means to want a lawyer:


You have the right to an attorney. But from a cop’s perspective, once you have an attorney present, you’re less likely to answer questions or make an accidental admission that could count as a confession. So if you ask for an attorney, cops will often tell you that asking for a lawyer is the same as admitting your guilt. Or worse, that they would have been willing to work with you, but now that you’re asking for legal help they’re not interested in helping you any more. It’s all a lie! They were never interested in helping you, and you NEED to make sure that your rights are being properly defended! Shut up and lawyer up.


The cops can lie to you – and they will!

You might not like it, but that’s a fact. So the best thing you can do is be prepared. Don’t answer any questions. Politely ask for an attorney and them wait until we arrive. Tell them that you don’t want to talk to them without your lawyer present. Say it often and say it loud. Don’t believe anything the cops tell you about having evidence against you, or wanting to help you out of a tight spot. They want a conviction, and you want your future intact. Those two things can’t exist simultaneously. So call the top criminal defense team at The Kronzek Firm at 866 766 5245 (866 7No Jail) and make sure you’re being defended by the best! We’ve helped thousands of clients in Michigan’s lower peninsula for nearly a quarter of a century.


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