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10 Ways The Cops Can Lie to You Without Breaking The Law! (Pt 1)

What you gonna do when they come for you? Be honest! But they don’t have to be!


If you follow our blog here at The Kronzek Firm, then you know we just spent a couple of days talking about entrapment. In essence, we looked at how the cops can lie to you in order to catch you in a crime, but they can’t coerce you into committing a crime in order to arrest you. However those articles raised some questions among our readers about the issue of being lied to by the cops. Specifically, the fact that they can lie to you about a LOT of things. Curious about exactly what they can lie to you about? Let’s check it out…


  1. They can lie to you about having evidence against you:


If they suspect you’re guilty, and they’re hoping to corner you into confessing to a crime, the cops can tell you that they have evidence against you. Even if it’s a lie! Whether it’s your fingerprints they claim to have found on a weapon, your DNA on a rape victim, or a video recording of you breaking into a building and stealing things, they can lie about it. But before you believe any of that, stop and consider this: crime labs sometimes take ages to process evidence, and are usually months behind. So if the crime they’re saying you committed was recent, chances are no physical evidence has been analysed yet anyway. In any event, don’t fall for that old scheme by being tricked into talking to the cops. Lawyer up.


  1. They can lie about eyewitnesses who’ll testify against you:


Cops can tell you they that they have someone who saw you at the crime scene at the exact time the crime was happening. Or even that you were seen committing a crime. They don’t actually have to have anyone who saw anything, but that doesn’t stop them telling you there is if they think it’ll get you to confess to a crime that they believe you’re guilty of! Hey, you’re smarter than that. You know what to do. Lawyer up.


  1. They can lie about “your accomplice” confession:


Have you ever seen that on TV? Where two people are separated for questioning, and the cops go back and forth between the two interview rooms, twisting one person’s story to use against the other in order to get a confession. And finally, the cops claim that “the other guy” is singing like a bird because he cut a deal, and now “you’re going down!” Yet it often isn’t true. Your “accomplice” isn’t saying a word, but you have no way of knowing what’s being said in other rooms. Cops love to use this one! But you read this blog and you know to just lawyer up.


  1. They can lie about fake tests that “prove” you’re guilty:


Cops sometimes get people to take “tests” to prove their guilt, and then fake the results in order to intimidate a suspect. Imagine being strapped to a polygraph machine, being asked a load of personal questions, and then being told you “failed” the test, which means you’re guilty. You have no way of knowing the lie detector machine was broken, or that the color-changing chemical they put on your hands wasn’t actually a gun residue test? They certainly hope you don’t know, because they’re hoping your anxiety at failing the test will lead to a confession. You didn’t fail the test because you never took the test in the first place. You did the smart thing and lawyered up.


  1. They can lie to you in order to get your DNA:


Sometimes, when an officer sits down with you in an interview room, they aren’t offering you a cigarette, a cup of water, or some coffee to be nice. Sometimes they’re doing it for a much sneakier reason: To get your DNA. Many officers know a suspect won’t voluntarily give up their DNA, and if there isn’t enough evidence for them to arrest you, they have to resort to underhanded methods. So before you accept that cup of coffee, think about the possible implications for your case…


Have you been lied to or tricked by a cop in Michigan?

Here at The Kronzek Firm, we know the sneaky and underhanded methods the cops use to get their confessions and close cases. So if you think the cops are going to take you in for questioning, or they’ve already told you they think you’re guilty, call us immediately! Our aggressive and experienced criminal defense attorneys have been helping the people of Michigan defend themselves against sneaky cop tactics for decades, and we can help you too! Call 866 766 5245 (866 7No Jail) right now, and talk to someone who can help! We are available 24/7 for emergency consultations.


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