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10 Things You Need to Know When Dealing With The Cops (Pt 1)

If those handcuffs end up on your wrists, you’re going to need the info in this list!

Many people go their whole lives only interacting with police when they call to report a crime, or get pulled over for speeding. These are the lucky folks, and we could understand why most people are happy to limit their interactions with police officers. But for everyone else, their dealings with cops are likely to be less pleasant. Being interrogated, arrested, and jailed are never fun for anyone. However, while we can all agree that it’s going to suck, there are a lot of things you can do to make the process less awful. Here’s our list of things you need to remember when dealing with the police in Michigan.

1. Don’t lose your head!

It’s really scary, we get that! But losing your head isn’t going to help you, and it might actually make the whole situation worse. So no matter how freaked out you are, or how certain you are that this is all a terrible mistake, don’t lose your cool. Don’t yell at the cops, threaten them, or call them names while they’re putting you in cuffs. Being polite and respectful can only make this situation easier for you and for your attorney in the future.

2. Don’t run your mouth!

Another reason not to lose your cool is because angry people make mistakes. And any mistakes you make after an arrest are only going to help the cops and probably hurt you. So keep your mouth shut. Don’t answer any questions, don’t give them any explanations, or try to argue and defend yourself. Lawyer up. Just sit quietly and wait for your attorney to come. Once your attorney gets there you can explain everything and have your questions answered. But until then, zipping your lips is the best policy! You do have to give the police your correct name. That’s fine to do. Definitely don’t give them false information because that’s a whole additional crime. Give they your name, tell them that you don’t want to talk to them, tell them you want your lawyer then lawyer up. Don’t discuss the weather, sports, music or anything else. Just keep quiet.

3. Don’t agree to searches!

There are instances where police officers have the right to search you or your property without your permission. For example, when they have a warrant or there is some true emergency. But some searches require your consent, and that’s where you need to be extra careful! DO NOT give consent for an officer to search anything where you have a choice. Whether it’s your home, your car, or just your body, if they ask your permission, don’t grant it until you’ve talked to your attorney first! Don’t buy into it if a cop tells you that they will just get a warrant if you don’t give them consent. Make them try to get the warrant but do not consent.

4. Don’t waive your rights!

There are lots of tricks cops use when trying to get people to talk. Telling you that if you’re innocent you would have nothing to hide. Or that it’s not a formal interrogation, it’s just a little chat to sort things out. And the worst one yet – that only guilty people hire lawyers. Nope, not true! Don’t let mind games strip you of your right to protect yourself! By insisting that you have an attorney present, and refusing to talk until your lawyer get there, you’re ensuring that your rights and interests are being protected! Never waive your rights! The Kronzek Firm has represented lots of police officers over the year. They know enough to lawyer up if they’re suspected of a wrongdoing. You should do the same.

5. Don’t stay if you don’t have to!

One of things you need to assess early on is whether or not you have to be there. In other words – are you free to leave? Have you been arrested, and if not, can you get up and walk out of the police station (or wherever you are with that officer) without any legal blowback. Because if you can, then if might be a good decision to do so. Staying when you don’t have to just means more opportunities for the cops to try and wear down your defenses, and a greater chance that you’ll regret later on. If you’re not sure if you are free to leave, just ask the police officer that question in a calm and polite way. If you are not allowed to leave, stay quietly and lawyer up.

Make the right choice – get the right help!

One of the most important decisions you’re ever going to make when you’re in potential legal trouble, is which lawyer to hire. Obviously, like just about everything else in life, you get what you pay for. So if you or a loved one have been arrested, or is being questioned by police in Michigan regarding a possible crime, call The Kronzek Firm right now at 866 766 5245 (866 7No Jail). Our team of experienced and aggressive criminal defense attorneys has been successfully defending the people of Michigan since the last century. We can help you too.

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