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My ex Lied About me, But I’m Not a Stalker! (Pt 1)

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Being accused of stalking someone, or following them in a threatening way, can have serious criminal consequences.

You certainly aren’t the first person in history to be lied about by a vengeful ex, and you won’t be the last. It happens quite often all over. People use our Michigan courts to make their former spouses and partners look bad, and to get them into trouble as a form of revenge when the relationship ends badly. The problem is, while they might just be lashing out in the only way they think is available to them, the repercussions for you can last a lifetime!

Threats, Stalking and Domestic Violence are all serious allegations!

So what can you do when your ex lies to the cops about you and claims you’re stalking them, or making threats against the, or worse, that you physically assaulted them? It’s a terrible situation to be in, and unfortunately you’re probably not going to like the answers we’ve got for you. But if this has happened to you, then you need to be aware of what you’re facing, and know what options you have available. These options might vary a bit from county to county, however, for the most part, they’re pretty standard across the state of Michigan. Whether you’re in Big Rapids, Tuscola, Spring Lake or in Lansing, you have choices. Let’s have a closer look at this difficult issue.

Being lied about sucks, but there’s no ‘quick fix’ for this.

The criminal justice system grinds slowly. Court dates are scheduled months away. If your ex told the cops you’re stalking them, and got a Personal Protective Order against you (even if you did nothing wrong!) it’s not something you can take care of in a few days or a week. This is probably going to drag on for a while. So prepare yourself for the long haul. However, note that once you know about a PPO or if you get served, you have only 14 days to contest it. Get the paperwork to an experienced attorney very quickly.

A proactive response is better than a reactive one!

If your ex told the cops you’re threatening them, or that you’ve been stalking them, then it will only take a single phone call from them, claiming to have seen you nearby, for the cops to show up on your doorstep. Being arrested, especially when you didn’t do anything wrong, is the worst experience! But you can be prepared to fight these allegations even before they happen. The moment you find out there’s a PPO out on you, call our offices and talk to one of our experienced criminal defense attorneys. Believe It or not, you can (and should) get pre-arrest help from a lawyer if possible!

PPOs can be very restrictive, and very unfair if they’re based on lies.

Nothing feels more awful than being lied about, or being treated like a criminal when you’ve done nothing wrong. It can be enfusiating, and unfortunately there’s nothing you can do on your own to solve the problem. Solutions to these type of issues must involve Michigan’s circuit courts, and have to be followed through the right legal channels. And that’s where we come in.

Having the right attorneys can make all the difference!

It can be a very isolating experience to know that you have to watch your every step because potential arrest is hanging over your head because of a PPO (personal protection order). Especially when the entire thing is based on falsehoods. But you don’t have to (and shouldn’t) do this alone. Call The Kronzek Firm, and our team of experienced and aggressive criminal defense attorneys will fight for your rights, and defend your future against lies and false allegations. Just call 866 766 5245 today and you’ll be on a team that plays to win. Our top criminal lawyers fight for clients throughout the lower peninsula of Michigan. Remember, the right attorney is critical.

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