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Possession of a Financial Transaction Device in Michigan

Michigan FTD Defense Lawyers

In Michigan, the financial transaction device possession, or  possession of another person’s credit card or debit card can be a serious crime.  This crime frequently occurs in scenarios where a person gains access through and employment relationship or through a family connection.  At The Kronzek Firm, our attorneys take the defense of these allegations seriously because they can result in significant jail or prison.  Everyone makes mistakes in life.  Our attorneys our trained in the most effective ways to lessen the impact of those mistakes.

Possession of Another Person’s Financial Transaction Device with Intent to Deliver, Use, Circulate or Sell

Possessing, controlling, or receiving from another person a financial transaction device [link to Stealing a Financial Transaction Device article] with the intent to (a)  deliver; (b) use; (c) circulate; or (d) sell it is prohibited by law.

Additionally, it is prohibited for a person to cause, permit, or procure the device to be delivered, used, circulated, or sold, knowing the control, possession, receipt, delivery, use, circulation, or sale is without consent.

At trial, the prosecutor must prove the following beyond a reasonable doubt for a conviction to result:

  1. The defendant had the device in his or her possession or under his or her control (or received the device from another person); and
  2. At the time, the defendant knew he or she was receiving, controlling, or possessing the device without the deviceholder’s consent; and
  3. The defendant intended to cause or permit another person to deliver, use, circulate, or sell this device; and
  4. When this occurred, the defendant intended to cheat or defraud another person.

A person committing this offense may be charged with a felony.

Furthermore , delivery, circulation or sale of such a device—or using, permitting, causing, or gaining the device to be used, circulated, delivered, or sold, knowing the device was obtained under prohibited circumstances is also a felony.

Finally, an individual  who forges, counterfeits, simulates, or alters a financial transaction device in a material way could also be charged with a felony.

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Avoiding prison time, fines, or restrictive probation terms is very important for those facing felony charges. Our lawyers have decades of criminal defense experience. We also have obtained numerous excellent case results over the years.  The Kronzek Firm PLC offers a free consultation at (866) 7-NoJail for those needing legal represenatation.  Our attorneys  are available by appointment and 24/7 for emergency situations.


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