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Expert Michigan Extortion Defense

The Kronzek Firm’s team of seasoned criminal defense attorneys has experience with defending, trying, and winning extortion cases in Michigan.  In most instances, extortion is charged by prosecutors along with other serious crimes.  However, extortion itself is a serious felony and can lead to a lengthy prison sentence of up to 20 years and staggering fines. Typically, there is an allegation that a threat was made during or after the commission of another crime.   An extortion charge must be defended well or the consequences can be enormous.

The Crime of Extortion

Generally speaking, extortion is when a person aims for some kind of financial gain by using threats in order to get it. This offense tends to involve a threat of future harm as opposed to immediate harm like with robbery.

At trial, the prosecutor must prove the following beyond a reasonable doubt for a conviction to result.

  • That there is a malicious spoken or written threat.
  • Next, that the defendant threatened to injure the target, his or her close family members, or property.
  • The threat must be made to gain money or financial advantage in some way.
  • That the threat is intended to force another person to act or not act in a way that is against his or her will.

This crime is completed when the defendant makes the threat with the intent to force the other person to comply.

Our Approach to Extortion Defense

The Kronzek Firm approach to criminal defense is the team approach.  We believe in formulating a defense team on every major case.  Many of our team will work in the background.  We have a full staff of  attorneys, legal assistants and legal research assistants.  In addition, every major felony case gets frequent partner level review.  We have only experienced trial attorneys on staff.  And every attorney in the firm has demonstrated the ability to take cases to trial and win.

You are on the Team

We believe in working closely with our clients. ¬†You will find working with our firm unlike working with many other criminal defense ¬†firms. ¬†We will return your calls, meet and discuss your case, “roundtable” your case with other attorneys in the office, and contact you when there are important developments. ¬†We will be on time for court and for our appointments.

We will work with you. ¬†You are vital to the success of the team effort. ¬†You will not have the impression that we look down on you or that we disregard your ideas. ¬†At the same time, we expect you to be extremely involved in your case. ¬†We tell our clients they need to “roll up their sleeves” and work with us. ¬†By working together, we bring your knowledge of the facts of your case together with our legal skill, knowledge and experience as successful trial attorneys.

If you are willing to work with us under those conditions Contact us today.




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