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MI Murder Charges – Accused of Murdering Fiance’ and 3-Year-Old, Michigan Man Goes to Trial

In the state of Michigan, being convicted of a criminal charge will change your life forever. The consequences will significantly limit your personal freedoms, often resulting in fines, probation, and likely jail time. However, any experienced criminal defense lawyer in Michigan will tell you that the penalties will significantly increase if the accused is a repeat offender. The court system is less likely to be sympathetic towards the defendant fs cause, or optimistic that the person has learned their lesson.

Michigan Mans Life Changed After First Degree Murder Charges

According to The Detroit News, Todd Pink is an example of just such a person. Records from the Michigan Department of Corrections show that he has a criminal record dating back to 1998, and is on probation until 2011. Although the news source did not disclose what offenses he was previously convicted of, Pink is currently facing allegations of first-degree murder charges in Michigan, along with 14 other felony counts.

The most recent incident occurred in May 2010 after Pink attended the Downtown Hoedown with his fiancee f, 35 year-old Carrie Seils and her children. For an unknown reason, an intoxicated Pink became agitated during the event, and engaged in a heated argument with Seils upon returning home. The confrontation became so serious, that the suspect allegedly went into the house and returned with a gun. Police reports state that he attacked his fiancee, and stabbed her three year-old son Skylar to death. Pink is also accused of stabbing Seils’ five year-old daughter Heavyn, as well as a family friend and boarder who was in the house at the time.

On Monday, Pink stood before the Clinton Township District Court, where he was ordered to remain in custody without bond before arraignment scheduled for July 26th. Should he be convicted of the serious criminal charges against him, Pink’s life will change forever. The court is likely to take his previous criminal history into account. Conviction of these charges will undoubtedly bring a significant jail sentence with little chance for parole.

The example of Todd Pink highlights how serious being accused of criminal charges is. Conviction of one, let alone numerous, violations will bring increasingly harsher punishments that will seriously limit the defendant fs personal freedoms and liberties. Because the consequences are so severe, it is essential to be pro-active in obtaining the best legal defense available for your case. Contacting knowledgeable and aggressive criminal defense attorneys in Michigan will ensure that you receive top-notch legal advice and legal representation, designed to clear your name and keep you out of jail.

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