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John M. English

John may have grown up in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, but it wasn’t until he lived in Eugene, Oregon that he was bitten by the ‘legal bug.’ He developed an interest in the law while watching countless criminal cases work their way through Eugene’s circuit courts, and it lit a fuse in him.


He wanted to participate, to be able to fight on behalf of someone who was voiceless, and defend those who couldn’t defend themselves.


In 1981 he applied, and was accepted, to the University of New Hampshire School of Law (which was known as the Franklin Pierce Law Center back in those days.) He packed up and trekked across the entire country in order to start his career in law, and we are so very glad he did!


When John English finally decided it was time to come home, he returned to Michigan, but chose not to return to the U.P. Instead he settled in the middle of the Great Lakes State along with the rest of us trolls (which is what Upper Peninsula folks call us Michiganders living under the Mackinaw bridge, for those of you unfamiliar with the reference) and we couldn’t be happier about it.


Don’t be fooled though – John’s heart still belongs up north on the shores of Lake Superior, where he vacations regularly with his family. But when he’s not off gallivanting around the U.P. John likes the simpler life. Ask him what he loves to do on a day off, and he’ll tell you he enjoys grocery shopping, household chores, and puttering around in the yard. (Which as you can imagine, makes him very popular with his wife!) Oh, and music. John loves music!


He loves ALL kinds of music. And when we say all kinds, that’s not an exaggeration. John is just as likely to spend an evening at a jazz concert, as he is to visit a nightclub where the DJ spins Deep House and Top 40 hits. John and his son are frequent concert goers. However music isn’t the only thing that gets John up and moving. When he’s not out dancing with his wife (she’s a music lover too!), he’s out rowing in the early morning, shooting hoops with his son, riding his bicycle all over the city, and playing tennis with friends.


So if you’re looking for a guy who lives life to the fullest, loves the outdoors, and enjoys a wide array of activities, then you’re looking for John English. If you’re looking for a great attorney with decades of experience and a deep respect for the legal system, well, you’re still looking for Attorney John English. And lucky for you, we know exactly where to find him! Right here at The Kronzek Firm.


Whether you’re battling a drug charge or fighting a sex crime allegation, John’s your man. In fact, he may be the only Michigan attorney to have successfully defended an ‘internet sting’ criminal case by obtaining a mistrial- not once, but twice. And then, after preparing for a third trial dealing with the same issue all over again, he was able to negotiate an extremely favorable disposition for his client that included having the initial charges dismissed.  


John works very hard for his clients, making sure that each and every one of them is represented in the best way possible. Why? Because in addition to being a kind and considerate human being, John is a fantastic attorney. He’s very good at what he does, and loves his work with a passion and commitment that makes him a pleasure to work with. That’s why we’re so glad to have him on the team. He exemplifies the firm’s position that the right attorney is critical.



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