Be Careful Where You Get Your Legal Advice

Life is full of choices. But when choosing where to get legal advice from, be sure to choose the right source!


This is a subject we’ve addressed before, and will probably have to talk about again in the future – the issue of getting legal advice from questionable sources. Why? Because it’s a serious issue that doesn’t show any signs of getting better any time soon. And what exactly do we mean by that? Well, people want to save a few bucks, and lawyers are expensive. We get it. But the cost of getting your legal advice from the wrong place can be so much worse than paying off your attorney. Seriously!


Why does it matter where I get my legal advice?


We could ask the same question about all kinds of things. Why does it matter where you get your dietary advice when deciding how to make healthy lifestyle changes? Well, because the wrong advice can result in all kinds of health complications for you. Eating only fruit will result in destabilized blood sugar, exhaustion, vitamin deficiency and in severe cases, hair loss and tooth decay. Yet you don’t have to look far to find countless websites toting the benefits of a fruitarian diet.


The same logic applies to legal advice. Just because someone online told you something that sounded right, doesn’t mean it was. And if that person just happened to be a lawyer, that doesn’t change the facts. Even a lawyer can give you incorrect information. Not because they’re trying to mislead you, but simply because the law is different in every state, and the types of law that attorneys specialize in is more varied than there are weird diets to be found online. And, let’s face it, all attorneys are not created equal. Somebody has to be the worst attorney in town and you just don’t want that to be your attorney.


The internet doesn’t observe state boundaries and borders.


If you live in Michigan, and you need legal help with Michigan-based criminal charges, you probably wouldn’t get into your car and drive to Indiana or Ohio to hire a defense lawyer. No one crosses state lines to get legal help for an issue in their home state. But the internet doesn’t afford you the same sense of location-based boundaries. You can hop online, searching for answers to a Michigan-based question, and get answers from lawyers in Texas, Colorado and even Australia, just as fast as you can get answers from a Michigan attorney.


And why is that a big deal you wonder? Oh, for a whole bunch of reasons…. Besides the fact that none of those lawyers could represent you in a Michigan court (unless they happen to have passed the Michigan bar exam). Then there’s the fact that they’re accustomed to working with the law in whatever state they practice in. Believe it or not, the penal code is different in every single state in the US. EVERY. SINGLE. ONE.


So why does that even matter? The law is the law, right?


Um, no. Wrong. Michigan law is Michigan law. It’s very different from the law in Oregon, Arkansas, and West Virginia. If you still doubt us, go ahead and take a look at the Michigan penal code, and then Google any other state’s penal code for comparison. Some of them may be similar, but no two are the same. The terminology is different, what is legal versus illegal is different, and the punishments for crimes are different.


So what do I do if I need legal help in Michigan?


For starters, you find a Michigan based attorney to help you. A good one, with lots of experience and loads of great reviews online. And make sure that the attorney you choose handles the type of case you need help with. Divorce lawyers can’t help you with drug charges. Estate lawyers can’t help you with sex crime charges. Immigration attorneys can’t help you with arson charges. If you’ve been charged with a crime in Michigan, you need help from a criminal defense attorney practicing in the state of MIchigan. Look for a criminal defense attorney with many years of experience and a stellar reputation.


Lucky for you, if you live in Michigan and you’ve been charged with a crime here in the Great Lakes State, we can help you. The criminal defense attorneys at The Kronzek Firm have decades of experience helping countless people from all over the state fight criminal charges of all kinds. We defend against computer crime charges, drug-related charges, sex crimes, assault and robbery charges, and fraud crimes. So if you need an experienced and reputable criminal defense attorney, stop reading this article, pick up your phone, and call 866 766 5245 (866 7No Jail) right now.  We’ve been fighting for our clients since the last century.


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