Teenage Pranks Can Lead to Criminal Charges! (Pt. 1)

Teens today live in a different world to that of the previous generation, so the pranks they engage in have evolved…


There was a time when teen pranks didn’t get any worse than crank calls and the occasional house egging (not that washing hardened egg off your exterior walls isn’t a giant pain in the rear!) But times have changed. The shenanigans that teens get up to these days have escalated considerably in recent decades (not always for the better), and the result is sometimes criminal charges!


Some of the changes are not the pranks, just the public’s reaction to them!


There was a time when egging windows and toilet papering houses was seen as annoying and disrespectful. But not criminal! That has changed, though. The “kids will be kids” mindset has changed, and Michigan teens are now expected to know better. What was once seen as harmless pranking, is now seen as criminal behavior, and can result in some very serious charges (and court-ordered restitution payments!)


Think toilet papering someone’s home might be fun? Think again. Anything that damages or defaces property (either public or private) is illegal. As a group of Texas Teens and one mom learned the hard way! Taura Mauney took her 16-year-old daughter and a group of her friends “TPing” around their neighborhood. However one of the toilet papering victims called the cops, and Mauney, along with the kids, ended up facing vandalism and Destruction of Private Property charges!


Online access has changed the way teens prank in recent years!


Internet access and social media has revolutionized the way teens prank nowadays. Not just because the internet is a treasure trove of inappropriate ideas, but because sharing everything on social media gets attention. Teens whose pranks go viral have their behavior reinforced because the action, however wrong, earns them attention and a brief fan-club online.


When the prank involves a computer though, the charges can be very serious! A Florida teen hacked into his school’s network and changed one teacher’s background picture to an image of two gay people kissing, the reaction was more than he bargained for. Instead of annoying one teacher and getting a few laughs from classmates, he ended up facing felony cybercrime charges!


Michigan teens are at risk of facing criminal charges for pranking!


Although the cases we’ve shared with you so far have been from other states, this is an issue right here in Michigan too! Teens right here in the Great Lakes State are no different from teens all over the country. They’re impulsive, they don’t always think through the consequences of their actions, and sometimes they make very bad choices! At The Kronzek Firm, we understand that, as parents, you cannot always control your teen’s actions, or even be aware of everything they do, despite your best efforts. However, once they’ve done something thoughtless and landed themselves in the hot seat, we know that as parents you want to help them, and protect their futures. This is where we come in.


Our experienced criminal defense team has handled many juvenile cases over the decades. We understand the specific difficulties involved in defending minors, and in protecting kids rights. Also, we’re parents, so we can relate to the struggle you’re facing. It’s difficult for the entire family, but you are not alone! Call 866 766 5245 (1 866-7NoJail) right now, and get help from a skilled criminal defense attorney! And join us next time, for a look at how teen pranks are handled in Michigan, and what charges a teen could face for playing pranks on others!


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