You May Not Have To Register Your Michigan Pistol In The Future

According to some House Reps, law-abiding citizens shouldn’t have to register their hand guns.


The issue of gun ownership has always been a somewhat controversial subject. Some people believe that no one should own guns, while others think that the government has no place regulating or restricting the weapons that a person wants to own. So this new legislation, addressing pistol registration, should bring out Michiganders from both sides of the argument in droves!


Republican state Representative Lee Chatfield has introduced a highly contentious bill that would eliminate required registration for gun owners in Michigan. Yes, you read that right. If Chatfield has his way, Michigan residents won’t have to register the pistols they own. Now, if that isn’t likely to ruffle a few feathers, then we don’t know what will!


Under current Michigan law, no one is allowed to purchase, carry, possess, or transport a handgun in Michigan without first getting a license for it, a process which is regulated by the Michigan State Police. Chatfield, however, thinks that this is a waste of taxpayer resources, as it does nothing to reduce crime, but costs the state a lot of money and manpower.


Law-adiding citizens shouldn’t have to register guns, says House Rep. Chatfield.


In a press release, Chatfield explained the reasoning behind House Bill 4554. “There is no need for state government to maintain an exhaustive list of law-abiding citizens who legally purchase pistols. Criminals don’t register handguns they misuse for wrong, so what we end up with is a list that intrudes on the civil liberties of honest gun owners exercising their constitutional right to defend their families.”


Should Chatfield’s bill make it all the way to the books, Michigan residents would no longer be required to register their handguns with the state. For those people who are already registered, this bill would allow them to request that the Michigan State Police remove their names and information from the state registry. In addition, this bill would eliminate the $250 fine that state law currently assigns to everyone who fails to register a handgun.


For those of you who may be concerned about this bill and what it means for Michigan citizens, don’t worry just yet. It is a long process for a bill to become a law, with many hoops that need to be jumped through before anything makes it onto the books. As of now, HB 4554 has been referred to the House Committee on Judiciary. In order to become law it would still need to pass the full House, full Senate, and be approved by the Governor.


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