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Kim Savage

Kim Savage grew up in Milford, Michigan, and graduated first in her high school class with a 4.0 GPA.  She was a member of the debate team in high school, and her dad always told her she would be a great lawyer.

Kim thought she knew better (of course!), and headed off to Michigan State University to become a veterinarian. 

She was accepted into MSU’s vet school after only two years of undergrad. But it only took two years in vet school for Kim to realize that her dad had been right all along. She withdrew from veterinary school, finished her undergraduate degree in business, and set her sights on applying to law school.  

Due in major part to her 97th percentile score on the Law School Admission Test, Kim was offered a full scholarship to attend MSU Law School as a King Scholar.  She now has earned a total of three degrees from Michigan State University – a B.A. in General Business Administration, an M.A in Accounting (Tax Concentration), and her law degree.

She also holds an M.S. in Taxation from Golden Gate University.  Because Kim doesn’t know the meaning of the term ‘slow down’, she completed both master’s degrees while attending law school, and while working full time.

In between vet school and law school, Kim managed a number of local Domino’s Pizza stores, and served for a while as a corporate area supervisor.  She also worked as a loader and driver for UPS, and a driver for a municipal bus company.

Kim began her legal career at Consumers Energy, as a real estate and right of way attorney. Later, after leaving Consumers, she ran a successful solo practice for over ten years. Kim draws on her varied life experiences to give her perspective in all of her legal work today. Whether it’s family law, bankruptcy practice, defendant parents involved in CPS cases or writing an estate plan, Kim tackles the project with a dedication to achieving our client’s goals. 

When she’s not working, Kim is extremely active. She attends an intense fitness class at least 5 mornings per week, and hits the track whenever she can. She finished the Bayshore Marathon in 2015, and has run many half marathons and other shorter races over the years. She also enjoys tending to her small flock of chickens and trying to coax vegetables out of her backyard garden. Kim is married with two teenage human children and one extremely spoiled canine.

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