Gun Control in Michigan – What Are The Facts? (Part 2)

Gun regulations and firearm laws can be confusing as they change often – get your info from a solid source!


Welcome back and thanks for joining us for this discussion on gun rights in Michigan. After the recent school shooting, we know that the issue of gun rights are a hot topic, and everyone has got an opinion about how this issue should be handled. But as we pointed out in our previous article, the “national discussion” can be very confusing for people, as each state has their own laws governing gun control. Those state laws are in addition to the existing federal laws. And that’s not taking into account county gun laws, and even certain municipalities which also have their own gun ordinances.


So if you have questions about gun laws, and you live in Michigan, then this series is for you. We hope to be able to answer some of the more common questions, and clear up a few misconceptions here. Previously, we discussed gun regulations and schools. Moving forward, we’re going to talk about who can buy and own guns in Michigan.


Who is allowed to buy a gun in Michigan?


There is a video making the rounds – again – on social media about a 13-year-old boy who tries to buy cigarettes, alcohol and lottery tickets from different stores and is turned down by each one. However, when he tries to buy a gun he walks out 20 minutes later with a rifle. It’s a poignant reminder of how easy it can be to acquire a gun in some states. But does this apply to Michigan?


In Michigan, you need to be at least 18 years old to buy a pistol with a purchase license from a private seller. In order to buy a firearm directly from a federally licensed dealer, you need to be 21 years of age. You don’t need a purchase license to buy a long gun – which has a barrel of 26 inches or longer – in Michigan, but you do need to be at least 18 years of age. Unless of course, you are restricted because of your criminal history, your mental health, or any other disqualifying factor.


‘Open carry’ is legal in Michigan!


“Open carry” is sometimes for confusing for people who don’t understand what it means. Have you ever wondered what open carry means, or how it could affect your gun ownership? Let’s clear it up…


Open carry means that you may carry a gun with you or on your person, as long as you are legally allowed to have it, your reason for carrying it is legal, and you are not hiding it. In other words, if you have a gun but it’s under your coat or in your pocket, you are breaking the law because that would constitute “concealed carry.”


Is ‘concealed carry’ also legal in Michigan?


Carrying a concealed weapon is legal in Michigan if you have a license for “concealed carry.” Concealed carry refers to having a gun with you or on your person that is hidden from others. This could mean in your pocket, under your coat or inside your boot. If you do not have a concealed carry permit, then anytime you have a gun with you, it needs to be visible to others around you.

Do you need help from an experienced firearms defense attorney in Michigan?


Join us next time, as we wrap up our break down of what Michigan’s current laws are. As we’ve pointed out before, being informed of your rights and current firearms law is the best way to avoid an unnecessary interaction with the police. (And be sure to get your info from reputable sources – gun laws change regularly!)


Until next time, if you or a loved one has been accused of a gun-related crime in Michigan, call The Kronzek Firm immediately at 866 766 5245. Our aggressive and experienced firearms defense attorneys have handled thousands of weapons cases over the years, and we can help you too! We’re available 24 / 7 at  1 866-7NoJail.  


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