What Do I Do If I Get Caught With Drugs in Michigan?

prescription drugs still in their foil cases

Being caught with any type of drugs can mean a very serious prison sentence!


The quick answer to that question is “call The Kronzek Firm immediately!” But we figured you wanted a little more than a single sentence. After all, drug charges are pretty complicated, even if you break it down. So here goes…


If you get caught with marijuana….


This situation has no “one, simple answer”, because there are many factors that come into play during a possible marijuana arrest. For example, where you were arrested, and how much you had, and how you were transporting it are all important. There are lots of variables in Michigan marijuana law.


Certain cities in Michigan, like Lansing, Grand Rapids, Ann Arbor and Detroit, have decriminalized the use and possession of marijuana in small quantities. This means that if you get caught with very small amounts of pot in any of those 14 cities, you’ll be issued a ticket, and that’s it. However, if you get caught in any other city or town that hasn’t decriminalized it, you’ll most likely be arrested and charged. It’s important that you understand that weed is still illegal under federal law so that puts every person in Michigan at risk for being charged with a federal crime for possessing pot.


Unless you are a card carrying patient or caregiver, and the marijuana you have with you is medical marijuana. In which case, as long as the product is being correctly transported, you have all of the correct documentation with you, and the quantity doesn’t exceed state maximums, you should be okay. ‘Should be’ being the operative word. The law is interpreted differently by different officers and county officials. As we mentioned in the beginning… if you arrested with marijuana, call The Kronzek Firm immediately!


If you get caught with “hard drugs”…


Whether it’s heroin, cocaine, or meth, there are no exceptions for these drugs in Michigan. They are all illegal under state and federal law. The same goes for if you’re caught with crack (a form of cocaine), steroids, “date rape drugs” or any other illegal substance in any quantity, you will be arrested.


The charges that follow will depend on how much of the drug you had in your possession, and what the police suspect you were doing with it. There are different charges for producing drugs, using drugs, and selling drugs. Again, the best thing you can do when you’re accused of having illegal drugs is call us!


If you get caught with prescription drugs…


If you’re caught with a prescription drug that is legally yours, there shouldn’t be any kind of problem. After all, if the drugs are legal when prescribed by a doctor, and your name is on the bottle, it’s not an issue. This also applies if the prescription was written for a minor who’s in your care. Be aware though that driving under the influence of a prescribed drug is illegal here in Michigan.


If however, you have prescription meds in your possession that you have no legal right to have, you could be in a world of trouble. This also applies if the cops can prove that the prescription wasn’t legally written (for example, the doctor’s prescription pad was stolen and their signature was faked). In this case the best advice we can give you is the same advice we’ve been giving you since the beginning – shut up, lawyer up and immediately call us!


If you need an experienced drug crimes defense attorney in Michigan…


At the Kronzek Firm we’ve been defending people from all over Michigan against drug charges for decades. We have many years of experience handling drug crimes, and have got great results for our clients over and over. So if you or a loved one have been accused of making, selling, or using drugs in Michigan, call The Kronzek Firm at 866 766 5245. We’ve done this successfully, countless times before. We can do it again for you!


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