Ever been in a Michigan jail or prison? We have. (Part 2)

Being behind bars is not an enjoyable prospect for anyone, especially with so few prospects for choice!


Welcome back and thanks for joining us again for this discussion on Michigan’s jails and prisons. Specifically, what you can expect if you have to spend any time in either! As we pointed out in our previous article, we’ve visited many, many clients in jails and prisons all over Michigan! We’ve talked to them, and heard what they’ve had to say about their experiences.


We’ve also heard a lot about how their expectations differed from the reality, which is why we’ve decided to share this with you – so that if you are ever arrested you know what to expect! We talked about clothes and food last time, and now were’ wrapping it up with visitation and entertainment.


What do you do in jail?

Obviously, every jail in Michigan is slightly different, so there is no one-size-fits-all description of activities, but there are a few standards you can expect. Jail inmates get to spend some time outside in a fenced in space (“the yard”) overseen by guards. There is usually some kind of library where you can get reading material, but the books are usually a hodgepodge of whatever was donated, and they are often not well cared for. Our criminal defense team says that most prisoners prefer the accommodations in prison to those in county jails. MDOC is better equipped for long terms prisoners.


At the Ingham County jail your family will be able to send you reading material, but it will have to be shipped directly from the publisher or distributor (Like Amazon or Barnes and Noble). Also, the material has to meet certain guidelines, like no violence, no sexually explicit content, and it cannot be about methods of harming people, like bombs or poison.


Most jails have a TV you can watch, but with so many people and only one remote, expect to have limited chances to choose the show. Inmates at Michigan jails usually get time to hang out together, where they can talk and play cards in a community space (often the canteen between meals) so there will be social time.


Will your family be able to visit you in jail?

Yes, however keep in mind that visiting hours are strictly controlled, and all interactions between inmates and their visitors are overseen by guards. Most facilities say you will not be allowed to touch or hug your family members, only to sit and talk to them. Also, there will be restrictions on how long you can visit for.


As for other methods of contact with your loved ones, like phone calls and mail, each jail has specific rules that govern contact with the outside world. But you should assume that cell phones will be forbidden and all mail you send into the jail will be read by jail staff before it reaches the inmate!


Are you expecting to be arrested in Michigan?

Spending any amount of time behind bars in Michigan is an unpleasant experience. Sometimes it’s unavoidable, but if there’s any way to ensure that your jail time is minimized, it’s making sure you hire an aggressive, experienced defense attorney. Why? Because the best way to avoid being convicted of a crime is to ensure that you have the best defense attorney on your side, right from the start! We’ve said it all along; the right attorney is critical.


At The Kronzek Firm, we pride ourselves on being some of the most respected and sought-after criminal defense attorneys in Michigan. Our law firm provides help with every aspect of your criminal case. Skilled and experienced attorneys work hard to provide you with the best criminal defense, and ensure that your rights are protected, both in and out of court. If you’ve been accused of a crime in Michigan, call us immediately at 866 766 5245. We are here to help you! 1 866-7NoJail.


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