What Do I Do If My Child Gets Arrested in Michigan? (Pt. 2)

As a parent, nothing is scarier than your kid getting arrested – but we’ve got your back!


Welcome back to our talk about what parents can do if their child is arrested in Michigan. It’s a hard topic to discuss, we know (we’re parents ourselves, remember!) But it’s important, because when you get that call, you need to be prepared! In our previous article we shared the first 4 tips we think are most important if your child gets arrested. But that wasn’t sall you need to know! There’s quite a bit more. So let’s get started.


Now that you’ve got the details and called a lawyer…


If you followed our pointers from last time, you would have spoken to your child, advised them not to admit anything to anyone, to stay quiet and behave, and then called an attorney. So what now?


  1. Give the attorney as much information as you can


In order to start building a good defense for your child, the attorney you hired is going to need lots of information. That means, everything your child shared with you over the phone, and more! Make sure you pass along everything to the attorney as quickly as possible. Right from the get-go, your child’s lawyer will need to know the following:


  • Your child’s name and age
  • Where your child is being held
  • What they were arrested for
  • Where they were arrested and by whom (which law enforcement department)
  • How long has it been since they were arrested
  • Who they’ve spoken to, and what they said


You may not have all of this information yet. Don’t worry. Your attorney can get it. However, the more details you have to start with, the better equipped your criminal lawyer will be when they show up at the jail to represent your child.


  1. Be prepared to work with your child’s attorney


Aside from all of the initial info your child’s attorney will need just to get started, they are going to need help from you for other things as well. Your child may need character witnesses, whose names you can provide. If your child is taking any kind of medication that may affect their decision making capabilities or impulse control, you’ll need to tell their lawyer. The same goes for any mental health diagnosis your child may have that could affect their case.


  1. Gather documentation that could help your child


Only your child’s attorney will know exactly what may help their case, but it can’t hurt for you to be prepared. Collect any certificates or awards that could attest to your child’s achievements. Have family, friends, and even teachers write character reference letters. Gather up report cards and other paperwork documenting your child’s education. You never know what may be helpful. And when your attorney asks for something, having it immediately available will speed the process significantly!


If you need legal help for your child, call The Kronzek Firm immediately!

If your child has been arrested for a crime in Michigan, call us immediately at 866 766 5245. Our experienced criminal defense attorneys have spent decades defending the youth of Michigan. We understand how complex the juvenile justice system can be, as we’ve successfully defended countless juveniles over the years. We can help your child achieve the best possible results in their case.

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