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Cassandra Drysdale-Crown

When Cassandra was a kid, she took a vacation with her family to Mt.Vernon and Washington D.C. She was still in grade school at the time, but when she laid eyes on the Declaration of Independence and learned about the first Continental Congress, Cass knew she wanted to be an advocate and an attorney. Being a lawyer has been a life goal since before all her grown up teeth came in. That’s probably why she’s so passionate about it, and so good at it.


After high school Cassandra went on to get her law degree at Michigan State University College of Law, although it was called the Detroit College of Law at Michigan State University at the time. She got her first job as a counselor and legal advocate for victims of sexual and domestic violence, and then worked for several other law firms before finally settling in at The Kronzek Firm. (And we couldn’t be more proud to have her!)


Cass is a busy woman. In addition to working as an attorney at The Kronzek Firm, she also serves as a mock appellate judge for first year students at MSU’s college of law. This means she has a direct hand in guiding and training the next generation of attorneys – a responsibility she takes very seriously. Plus she volunteers for the DeWitt Band, and spent years as a board member of the American Youth Soccer Organization. Oh, and did we mention that she’s is the mother of twins? (We suspect she never sleeps!)


As you may have guessed, Cassandra is a woman of many skills. She’s an excellent attorney, the mother of twin teenage boys (which is a whole entire category of ‘awesome’ all by itself) and an avid hiker who does 10 mile hikes at least once weekly. In fact, she’s such an outdoor enthusiast, that if you ask her where her favorite vacation spot is, she’ll tell you it’s anywhere with a beach and good walking trails. She’s also a great multi-tasker (you have to be when you’re the mother of twins!) and finds all kinds of things interesting.


From action movies and sushi, to ancient military history books, Cass has got a wide range of interests. She reads a lot, spends time with all kinds of people, and travels widely. In fact, there isn’t much Cass hasn’t seen of the world. Between snorkeling in three major oceans, hiking among the ruins of Mayan temples in the Yucatan, and visiting the U.S Virgin Islands, Cass loves it all. And that’s part of what makes her such a great attorney – her avid interest in every aspect of life, and her desire to get to know the people behind the stories.


And talking about stories, Cassandra’s got a great one! We asked her to share a funny story about herself and she came up with a game-changer! Apparently, years ago when her twins were just babies, Cassandra mastered the art of the twin-diaper change. In an effort to add a little pizazz to an otherwise less-than-lovely task, she tossed diapers into the trash as if making three-point shots in basketball…. However, the downside of tossing dirty diapers around in the air, is that not everything always lands where you want it to. And so, standing in line at a coffee shop, she discovered to her horror that there was something…… truly icky in her hair!


Being a parent gives you a great sense of humor! How could it not? But Cassandra brings that love of life and laughter to her work, and it’s made her a better attorney. She’s attentive, kind and funny, not to mention courageous – all traits that help her serve her clients well. When you need help from someone who listens well and fights hard, then you probably need Cassandra.


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